Feb. 22 2012
Randy Hannan, chief of staff for Mayor Virg Bernero, said while "time will tell" if the city’s pension and retiree health care systems are unsustainable, "everything is on the table" when asked about...
Feb. 15 2012
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration executed a federal search warrant late last month at her eastside clinic. A spokesman for the federal agency could “neither confirm nor deny” that her...
Feb. 13 2012
“This is pretty much what my life has become,” Lori Black says while walking into the dining room of her west Lansing home. She’s carrying two stacks of paper. The first is about 3 1/2...
Feb. 8 2012
Property: 1020 Trowbridge Road, East Lansing Owner: CCPL Real Estate Group Assessed value: $286,000 Owner says: Could not be reached for comment Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: It is highly...
Feb. 2 2012
“I was stunned,” Rossman-McKinney said Monday. “The way he specifically referred to Jim Nye in front of hundreds of people. You know our mayor. He gets pretty worked up — and he...
Jan. 25 2012
Some legal experts dismiss the Lansing plan because of ongoing federal litigation between the Bay Mills Indian Community and the state in which the Bay Mills Community tried opening an off-reservation...
Jan. 18 2012
The year was 1989 and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration had its sights set on a new enemy in the War on Drugs: indoor garden supply retailers
Jan. 11 2012
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero will help lead the invitation-only celebration Thursday night marking the 25th anniversary of the Lansing Center — while also contemplating a way of regionalizing the facility...
Jan. 4 2012
A new year for the Lansing City Council brings uncertainty over who will lead the legislative body, another set of budget challenges and a pledge from the mayor that he’s “optimistic”...
Dec. 28 2011
The annual list of property tax delinquents in Ingham County keeps growing, but at a much less alarming rate than recent years. And the Ingham County treasurer is hesitantly hopeful that the amount of...
Dec. 21 2011
Further, Schuette has often said in the media that voters never intended for medical marijuana dispensaries when a 2008 ballot initiative passed allowing the use of cannabis for medical reasons. And Schuette...
Dec. 21 2011
For nearly an hour and a half Saturday afternoon, outgoing 1st Ward representative Eric Hewitt recounted the past four years on City Council, from an expletiveand name-calling-filled history with Mayor...
Dec. 14 2011
For the man who is about to take the unprecedented job of leading both the Lansing and East Lansing Fire departments in what could be described as an experiment in regionalism one question looms: Do...
Dec. 14 2011
A Lansing doctor has received a $5,000 fine and two years probation but will keep her osteopathic medicine license following a complaint by the state Attorney General s Office that she overprescribed...
Dec. 7 2011
The decision was made Monday night at the downtown Capital Area District Library across the street from Reutter Park during the group s General Assembly meeting. The decision goes beyond a deal reached...
Dec. 7 2011
The job of president for any college is to think about the long-term issues and long-term needs of the college, Knight said last week in an interview. And so I continue not to think well of a patchwork...
Nov. 30 2011
When Jones, a Republican state senator from Grand Ledge, gives his side of the antibullying saga that took place at the Capitol four weeks ago, he blames Democrats namely Whitmer , the Democrats Senate...
Nov. 23 2011
A familiar cast of bicycling advocates, Public Service Department representatives, 4th Ward City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko and about 15 Lansing-area residents attended the announcement
Nov. 16 2011
City Clerk Chris Swope s analysis of the election showed that more females voted than males (55 percent to 45 percent) and those aged 60 years and older had the highest turnout of any age group
Nov. 16 2011
Amid the public discourse and allegations about photo darkening, supporting drug dealers in neighborhoods and questionable consulting contracts in last week s City Council election, one issue that rarely...