March 19 2014
Lansing City Council President A’Lynne Boles is ready to “fight the fight” alongside the Bernero administration to sell the Council on a roughly $22 million, public/private redevelopment...
March 19 2014
District Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. has ordered Lansing to pay East Side property owner Edwar Zeineh $7,200 in attorney fees after the city wrongfully towed two vehicles from Zeineh’s property that blocked...
March 12 2014
Lansing may have turned a corner on its annual budget woes — at least in the short term. For the first time in a decade, the administration will propose a budget for the next fiscal year that doesn’t...
March 12 2014
For the past year, the Lansing Lugnuts and its host city have been working on a plan that makes $10 million worth of stadium maintenance and upgrades a whole lot sexier
March 6 2014
Thursday, March 6 — The Lansing School Board will not discuss leasing 152,000 square feet at the Hill Center to the Lansing Police Department as was scheduled for its meeting tonight. Board President...
March 5 2014
The Bernero administration has been quietly planning since the summer to move police operations out of the North Precinct to a community center owned by the Lansing School District on the far South Side
March 5 2014
Back in November, Meridian Township Trustee Milton Scales was the only board member to vote against an ordinance that prohibits discrimination in employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation...
March 5 2014
At a community forum last month, Lansing resident Griff Canfield openly questioned why the Board of Water and Light required three line workers to clear downed wires after the storm hit
March 1 2014
Friday, Feb. 28 —The city of Lansing is going to move out of the North Precinct police station by the time its lease expires on Aug. 31
Feb. 26 2014
The smell of pot was heavy in the air inside Michigan Avenue’s newest business. TNT, calling itself a medical marijuana “resource center,” opened at 1825 E. Michigan over the weekend....
Feb. 26 2014
On Monday night, for the second Lansing City Council meeting in a row, Council President A’Lynne Boles and Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar argued over procedural rules average voters probably don’t...
Feb. 26 2014
Lansing developer Harry Hepler is coming off a figurative two- to three-year vacation. Emerging, like others in his business, from a recession that caused a lending freeze from banks, Hepler has spent...
Feb. 21 2014
Friday, Feb. 21 — State Rep. Sam Singh says it’s “imperative” for the Lansing City Council to move on a City Charter amendment that would expand representation on the Board of Water...
Feb. 20 2014
Thursday, Feb. 20 — Turns out Lansing Board of Water and Light’s general manager, J. Peter Lark, does have emails from the December power outage. Documents delivered to City Pulse from the...
Feb. 19 2014
As recently as a year ago, if you were to project states like Michigan, Virginia and Utah with Massachusetts and California as beacons of marriage equality, you might have been considered a hopeless optimist
Feb. 19 2014
Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing wonders: What’s the Board of Water and Light worth?
Feb. 19 2014
The phone calls and emails stopped being returned to Leo and Chris Jerome in May 2013. The father/son team had been working for years on a grand vision to redevelop the former Red Cedar Golf Course on...
Feb. 12 2014
Wednesday, Feb. 12 — East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett has proposed a new structure for the Lansing Board of Water and Light Board of Commissioners that would include representatives from East Lansing...
Feb. 12 2014
A fledgling Phoenix, Ariz.-based grocer with ties to Meijer Inc. will replace Goodrich’s Shop-Rite in East Lansing’s Trowbridge Plaza, an official with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has confirmed
Feb. 12 2014
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s choice spot for Thai food is Thai Village on Washington Square downtown. If he’s hungry for meat and potatoes fare, that’d be Restaurant Mediterran, across...