Dec. 18 2013
Local officials announced last week they had gone to the bullpen to bring in a new player to help redevelop a 61-acre former golf course on Lansing’s east side, replacing one of the original developers...
Dec. 12 2013
Thursday, Dec. 12 — Lansing developer Joel Ferguson announced a partnership today with an Ohio-based firm to transform the former Red Cedar Golf Course on Lansing’s east side into a mixed-use...
Dec. 11 2013
St. Casimir Parish Community is set to demolish an 85-year-old convent at the church’s Moores Park Neighborhood campus. To the disappointment of some neighbors who want to see it preserved, the building...
Dec. 6 2013
Friday, Dec. 6 — U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit, agrees that filibuster rules in the Senate need to change — he just disagrees about how his Democratic colleagues did so two weeks ago
Dec. 4 2013
Well, they’ve done it again. As if last year’s oddly lit Christmas tree wasn’t enough of an assault on our holiday sensibilities, state-employed decorators again leave us puzzled with...
Dec. 4 2013
The reelection campaigns of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and City Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar plan to or have returned $500 contributions to officials at Dewpoint Inc. The Lansing-based firm manages software...
Dec. 2 2013
Monday, Dec. 2 — Despite objections from the city’s Planning Department and citizen-advisory Planning Board, the Lansing City Council unanimously approved a special land use request tonight...
Nov. 27 2013
In 1989, David Glenn paid $10,000 for a “shabby” 1,500-square-foot single-family home near West Cavanaugh Road and South Cedar Street. Since then, he’s spent over $50,000 on the house,...
Nov. 26 2013
Monday, Nov. 25 — A month after Internal Auditor Jim DeLine called on the Bernero administration to provide details on the city’s relationship with local tech company Dewpoint Inc., he still...
Nov. 21 2013
Thursday, Nov. 21 — Niowave Inc. is investing $202 million in a new Lansing facility at the Capital Region International Airport, but it’s not paying the full $244,100 it’ll cost to fix...
Nov. 20 2013
State Sen. Rick Jones isn’t exactly getting a warm reception locally to his claim that fully nude bars that serve alcohol would tarnish the state’s tourism industry
Nov. 20 2013
Thursday, Nov. 20 — A Lansing City Council committee today approved plans for four separate redevelopment projects, including a special land use request by a religious organization that the city’s...
Nov. 19 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 19 — Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, has ranked the city of East Lansing near the top in Michigan...
Nov. 13 2013
For the second month in a row, the Lansing City Council is considering whether to allow a church to move into one of the city’s commercial corridors
Nov. 13 2013
At the outset of 2014, the eight-member Lansing City Council will huddle together — in open doors and behind closed ones — to negotiate electing a new president for the year
Nov. 8 2013
Friday, Nov. 8 — Spiral Video and Dance Bar in Old Town celebrates 15 years in business Saturday with an all-new kind of show: Fully nude dancers. It’s a party that couldn’t have happened...
Nov. 6 2013
Fourth Ward Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko said publicly at the end of an Oct. 28 Council meeting that she finds it “somewhat appalling” that insurance company Jackson National Life...
Nov. 6 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 6 — Lansing City Councilwoman-elect Judi Brown Clarke made a big splash in the local political scene Tuesday when she placed first in a field of four candidates and ousted 10-year...
Nov. 5 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 5 — For the second time in a month, the Lansing City Council is considering a request from a local church to relocate into a commercial corridor in the city. In both cases, the city’s...
Oct. 31 2013
Thursday, Oct. 31 — Fourth Ward City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko has the worst meeting attendance record among her peers going back to 2010, but it was that first year in office that’s brought...