May 4 2011
The Starlight Dinner Theatre knows a good thing when they’ve got it. That’s why the troupe is closing out its sixth season with “The Hallelujah Girls”, another comedy from writers...
April 6 2011
Since its publication in 1939, John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” has moved generations with its depiction of the struggles faced by Americans during the Great Depression
March 24 2011
Written by Tony-Award winner David Edgar, “Pentecost” looks at the frenzy following the discovery of a fresco in an abandoned Eastern- European Church
March 16 2011
You don’t need a golden ticket and you certainly don’t need to be an Oompa Loompa to sample the many flavors of the strange and musical world of Willy Wonka. East Lansing High School offers...
Feb. 23 2011
Munro Leaf created the iconic character, a gentle, loving bull that prefers smelling flowers to facing bullfighters in the ring in the 1936 book, “The Story of Ferdinand.” Walt Disney Studios...
Feb. 9 2011
Gordon, director of the Mid Michigan Family Theatre, has created the play “Bully- Be-Gone: Tactics and Strategies to Reduce Bullying in Schools.” Produced with the Lansing Everett Visual and...
Feb. 9 2011
In the Acting Company and the Guthrie Theater’s co-production of "Romeo," Alejandro Rodriguez and Kaliswa Brewster play the lovers, under the direction of Penny Metropulos. The action has been to...
Feb. 4 2011
In “The Secret Lives of Toads”, much of the plot involves the strife between various cliques of middle school kids and the characters, like real kids, can be pretty mean to each other
Feb. 2 2011
Director Tony Caselli knows that “Oedipus” may be a hard sell to mainstream audiences. After all, most people only know Sophocles’ classic tale for its most sensational element: the title...
Jan. 26 2011
“I’ve kind of been able to see it grow,” he said. “I think for Adam there’s kind of a sense of ‘it’s all yours now.’” Told almost entirely in song,...
Jan. 19 2011
Lost in the ’Woods’What happens when the ties of family that bind us start to constrict?According to “Over The River And Through The Woods” director Rick Peterson, the answers to...
Jan. 12 2011
The nuns depicted by playwright Vicki Quade may not sing or dance, a la “Sister Act” and they certainly don’t fly like Sally Field did on 1960s TV screens
Jan. 5 2011
It’s one of the most well-known love stories ever told. The story of two young lovers pushed to a tragic end resulting from the violence that erupts out of the hatred between their rival families....
Dec. 15 2010
Greater Lansing Ballet Co. 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18 and 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20 Fairchild Theatre, Michigan State University $25 adults; $18 seniors and students; $12 children 12 and under (517) 372-9887...
Nov. 24 2010
In the course of his career, Judge William C. Whitbeck has taken on many roles, from his work as an attorney in private practice to political endeavors (including a stint assisting Gov. George Romney)...
Nov. 17 2010
‘Tis the season once again. Silver Bells in the City, the festival that has delighted area residents since 1985 returns to, literally, light up downtown Lansing Friday. For this year’s event,...
Nov. 17 2010
“La Finta” tells the tale of the arrogant Count Belfiore The hallowed pomp and circumstance of Mozart collides with the screwball tone of Preston Sturges’ comedies when the opera “La...
Nov. 3 2010
Set in a 1950s Italian-American neighborhood in New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge, Miller’s play tells of Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman raising his teenage niece, Catherine. Eddie’s jealousy...
Nov. 3 2010
Not only was the company the first Filipino group to perform on Broadway, and the first non American dance company to grace the stage of New York’s Lincoln Center, it was also the first cultural...
Oct. 20 2010
“Farnsworth” is a fictionalized account of the legal battle over the invention of television between inventor Philo Farnsworth and RCA executive David Sarnoff