March 18 2013
Friday, May 20 — Eating hot dogs at a baseball game is about as common in American culture as eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Traditional? yes. Vegetarian-friendly? No
March 18 2013
Monday, May 23 — The extensive use of antibiotics in farm animals has sparked a national debate and a new campaign against the practice has garnered support from at least one local restaurant
March 18 2013
Monday, May 23 — Taking care of an historic district can provide more benefits than just a stroll through the past. It can also attract national attention
March 18 2013
Food is great, and art is great — but nothing is better than food and art together in the same place. That is exactly what Lansing Art Gallery has in store for its community reception for the art...
March 18 2013
East Lansing Public Art Gallery puts the accent on youth with “All-of-us/Reach: A Retrospective of Puppets and Masks Created by All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre and Reach Studio Art Center.”...
March 18 2013
Friday, Aug. 5 — Local photographer Michael McPeak is giving back to those in the community who also give back. On Saturday, he’ll offer portrait sittings to people that donate to Save the...
March 18 2013
If you know the national anthem, you’re in luck — you can sing it for the Michigan State University Choral Union auditions
Aug. 24 2011
The American Prize is a series of nonprofit national competitions that recognize and award cash prizes to the best recorded performances of music by individuals and ensembles in the United States at the...
Aug. 17 2011
WKAR will honor a local arts advocate and provide a look at its future programming during its third annual Fall Preview on Aug. 24
July 20 2011
Melissa Lilje, artistic director of the CDP, says its 17 dances are set to a variety of tunes, including contemporary classical music, country, and hip hop. The dances are divided into two shows: Program...
June 29 2011
The cast features Joshua Rilko as Alvin, Lindsay Lou as Sara, Jen Sygit as Maybelle and Becky Owen as Janette Carter. Songs include "Wabash Cannonball," "Wildwood Flower" and "Bury Me Under the Weeping...