Feb. 8 2012
The show unfolds in a series of comic vignettes. “Every (actor) plays a different character every time, so that´s what makes it interesting,” said director Connie Curran. “It´s...
Feb. 1 2012
The latest liquor store in the area is more than just a convenience store. Local craft beers, Michigan-grown foods, international wines and more are available at Vine & Brew in Okemos
Feb. 1 2012
In 1881, outlaw George Parrott was hanged for the murder of two law enforcement officers in Wyoming. After his death, Drs. Thomas Maghee and John Eugene Osborne took Parrot’s body to study his "criminal...
Jan. 25 2012
Rich Orloff’s play depicts the perils of blind dates, regular dates, marriage and even orgies. This “PG-15” play, as Roznowski describes it, features 12 sketches with actors Roger Ortman...