July 25 2012
With a Ph.D in transportation from Michigan State University and nearly 50 years of experience in the field, Thomas Maleck is resigning from the local public transportation authority's board in disgust
July 18 2012
Recently, when asked to identify the gossiper, Washington said she could not reveal who had supposedly leaked the mayor’s comments to her
July 18 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Good economy, bad economy: vacant buildings happen. Blight isn’t vacancy, but it begins with poorly kept properties that are all too often the result...
July 18 2012
Eager bicyclists filled the Foster Community Center parking lot Saturday afternoon for the aptly titled "Tour de Coup": This caravan was on a tour of urban chicken coops throughout Lansing
July 11 2012
Somewhere in the night along the dimly lit Kalamazoo Street corridor a woman walks with no destination in mind. She’s looking for a ride, a round trip that will bring her back to the same street,...
July 5 2012
Hahn said the addition of a threestory, 14,000-square-foot pole barn to the Niowave, Inc., facilities on the northwest corner of Seymour Avenue and West Kilborn Street has completely blocked out sunshine...
June 20 2012
Vagina. Signs and chants echoed the word across the front lawn of the Capitol in downtown Lansing on Monday night. Several thousand people showed up to support Rep. Lisa Brown, D-West Bloomfield, and Rep
June 20 2012
A bolstered, on-foot police presence was one remedy, in the opinion of several shop owners, and the tactic seemed to work. Three officers stood on the southwest corner of the block next to one of their...
June 20 2012
The construction of the new Urbandale Farm hoop house on Friday on the 700 block of South Hayford Avenue was a “modern-day counterpart” to the old-time barn raising, Linda Anderson said
June 13 2012
On Saturday, five members of Occupy Lansing attempted to “reoccupy” Reutter Park past what they called the “unconstitutional” 10 p.m. curfew. One person was ticketed for taking...
June 6 2012
Michael Magdich, a staunch alternative energy supporter from Livingston County, hoped to oppose Lance Enderle, the Democratic nominee two years ago, in the August primary for the Democratic nomination...
June 6 2012
Of the district's $175 million budget, 85 percent is paid to personnel expenses, Caamal Canul said on the "City Pulse Newsmakers" TV show, which means frozen pay and benefits for next year but no layoffs....
May 30 2012
I went to South Washington Square between Allegan and Washtenaw streets on two separate weekends around 1:30 a.m. The first night was a busy one. Around closing time at 2, a group of roughly 60 people...
May 30 2012
This house in the Baker-Donora Neighborhood screams, “Not welcome.” It’s plain to see that the owner wants no one near as soon as you look at it. As if the three broken porch steps aren’t...
May 23 2012
The large number of students leaving has hurt the district two-fold, said Myra Ford, president of the Lansing School Board. She said the district is missing out on the per-pupil funding for those students...
May 16 2012
Time and the elements have slowly but surely chipped away this 125-year-old home on North Walnut. The flaking paint job is like wrinkles on an aging person — it could use a face-lift, or at the very...
May 16 2012
The reconfiguration plans change the entire layout of the district, with 12 schools being converted to pre-kindergarten through third grade; five schools becoming fourth through sixth grade; and two of...
May 9 2012
Enthusiastically awaiting his arrival hours before the event, in the shadow of a Romney campaign bus, the small group brandished American flags and signs bearing the GOP presidential candidate’s...
May 9 2012
With the implementation of “flexible” housing options starting in the fall, students can live with anyone in certain dorms on campus regardless of gender. West McDonel Hall on the east side...
May 2 2012
The United Peckham Employees Association is a group of Peckham workers with help from labor activists — including the Lansing Workers’ Center and the International Association of Machinists...