May 29 2013
Just over nine years ago, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope and his partner, Bradly Rakowski, got married in Canada, with the skyline of Detroit as the backdrop to their ceremony. The marriage is legally...
May 28 2013
Tuesday, May 28 — Later today, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope and his husband will file an affidavit with the Ingham County Register of Deed’s Office securing their property rights as a married...
May 24 2013
Friday, May 24 — Growing its Garden Program and helping Lansing improve its commercial corridors are on the top of the priority list for Jeff Burdick, the new executive director of the Ingham County...
May 23 2013
Thursday, May 23 — The cosmic orbits of three planets will appear to be huddled together in the night sky, creating a planetary spectacle that won't happen gain for 40 years. For about a week, starting...
May 22 2013
Later this summer, the Lansing Police Department will roll out Automatic License Plate Readers that will be used to find stolen vehicles, but a Lansing City Council candidate and the American Civil Liberties...
May 22 2013
The latest chapter in Niowave Inc.'s strained relationship with its residential neighbors is over the construction going on inside the company's controversial pole barn
May 22 2013
One of Dennis Preston's favorite places to conjure up grotesque and whimsical characters was the Biggby Coffee at 536 Elmwood Road in Lansing, just south of the Lansing Mall. The local illustrator, designer...
May 17 2013
Friday, May 17 — On Thursday night, the Lansing School District Board of Education got its first taste of the proposed $142.5 million district budget for next school year — it’s about...
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission’s Transportation Review Committee won’t be making a recommendation to the full commission on Michigan Flyer expanding its...
May 15 2013
Owner says: Property is for lease through CBRE MartinArchitecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Some buildings are more susceptible to blight than others. By nature, buildings that are not easily...
May 15 2013
The filing deadline to run for city elected offices officially closed at 4 p.m. Tuesday. From the looks of things, it's likely Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero will coast to reelection
May 14 2013
Tuesday, May 14 — It only took six years and the threat of a legal action by the city, but developer Pat Gillespie has officially begun to work on his Market Place project in downtown Lansing. He...
May 13 2013
Monday, May 13 — The president of the Lansing Association for Human Rights says the Boy Scouts of America is going only “halfway” with a proposed policy that would partially lift the...
May 10 2013
Friday, May 10 — Touting $1 billion of new investment and creating thousands of jobs during his two terms as Lansing’s mayor, Virg Bernero started his re-election campaign today
May 9 2013
Thursday, May 9 — A gas and mineral rights auction of public land by the Department of Natural Resources drew the ire of about 40 anti-fracking protesters at the Lansing Center today. Several protesters...
May 9 2013
Thursday, May 9 — The Lansing School District will have over $800,000 more in its coffers at the end of the year than earlier projected, according to a budget amendment presented at a Board of Education...
May 8 2013
Wednesday, May 8 — Because the Republican-controlled state Legislature doesn’t seem interested in expanding civil rights protections to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens, local...
May 8 2013
Ora B. Fuller has lived above her store, Shanora's Wigs and General Merchandise at 829 W. Saginaw St., for the past 32 years. She's seen the neighborhood around her survive a reputation as a drug and crime...
May 8 2013
Some dog owners like taking their four-legged friends with them everywhere they go, but that's illegal in some spots — such as restaurant patios. However, legislation to change that was introduced...
May 6 2013
Monday, May 6 — A Valu Land grocery store is moving into the former L&L Food Center location in Colonial Village Shopping Center, filling a void that’s been in the area for two-and-a-half years....