April 12 2013
Friday, April 12 — Lansing is on par with the city of Detroit when it comes to declining property values, according to information compiled by the state and recently published by Bridge Magazine
April 10 2013
Tuesday, April 9 — Friday kicks off a six-month signature-gathering campaign for a group that’s trying to ban fracking in Michigan
April 8 2013
Monday, April 8 — Before a crowd of several hundred people, Steve Ford, the youngest son of President Gerald Ford, spoke at the Lansing Town Hall Celebrity Lecture Series today in South Lansing
April 5 2013
Friday, April 5 — A “monster rain” is needed to wash the excess hydraulic fluid that spilled into the Grand River earlier this week into absorbent booms, an official with the Mid-Michigan...
April 4 2013
Thursday, April 4 — The gathering may have been small, but the message was big. MSU Fossil Free, a re-launched student environmental group at Michigan State University, called on the school to divest...
April 3 2013
A proposed solution to the Niowave Inc. pole barn controversy features a brick façade on two walls, fake windows, a parking lot and landscaping, at a cost of $200,000
April 3 2013
The redevelopment of the former Holmes Street School into a high-tech workplace is scheduled to wrap up this summer. But the project's completion comes after years of late tax payments and delays due to...
April 1 2013
Monday, April 1 — This is not a joke: One of the newest buildings purchased by Lansing Community College won’t be demolished, but future plans for the structure are still up in the air
March 28 2013
Wednesday, March 27 — Four remaining employee groups with the Lansing School District got new contracts today, which include no layoffs and no salary increases
March 28 2013
Thursday, March 28 — It’s official: Michigan is a Right-to-Work state, effective today. However, the roughly 50 people on the steps of the Capitol this afternoon weren’t celebrating —...
March 27 2013
"OMG, I think I just violated the OMA," is a phrase Bill Mathewson likes to use when giving presentations about elected officials texting and emailing during public meetings. That very issue came up during...
March 22 2013
Thursday, March 21 — Lansing teachers gave up their daily planning time and agreed to no step salary increases as part of a new contract with the district adopted tonight
March 21 2013
Thursday, March 21 — Lansing Community College will soon start the process of removing three homes — each at least 111 years old — on the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue and...
March 20 2013
The process of trimming the Lansing School District's budget is kicking off in the same place where roughly 5,500 students start their day: school buses
March 20 2013
Wednesday, March 20 — Chris and Martha Welch were at the Capitol today to voice their support for gun ownership and carrying rights
March 18 2013
Thursday, March 22 — The Lansing School Board is learning to get along — and the public is taking note — as it approves a new restructuring plan 8-1
March 18 2013
There are a few things you need to know about me. First off, I do not have any interest in following or paying attention to figures in the entertainment industry, I prefer to wear black and I’m obsessed...
March 18 2013
Monday, March 18 — Officials with the Michigan Municipal League, an advocacy group for local governments, say the governor and state Legislature need to reverse a decade-long trend of disinvesting...
March 15 2013
Friday, March 15 — A medical laboratory has offered to buy a vacant school building from the Lansing School District. As the school board discussed the sale at a work session Thursday night, some...
March 14 2013
Thursday, March 14 — The city’s mayoral-appointed Financial Health Team has approved recommendations to alter city employee health care and pension systems and significantly change the way...

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