Sept. 12 2012
Major hotel chains are already interested in staking their claim to the Capital Gateway project, say the developers hoping to transform dozens of acres at the former Red Cedar Golf Course
Aug. 15 2012
It was standing room only in a small south Lansing church as community members gathered to celebrate the union of a young man and woman. As the ceremony neared its end, photographers and videographers...
Aug. 8 2012
The city of Lansing may be going back to voters for a second November election in a row asking for more public infrastructure funding. This time, it's for sidewalks
Aug. 8 2012
Those metal baskets with dangling chains you may see at the local public park are not trashcans or weird barbecue grills
Aug. 8 2012
There is more than enough room for improvement for the Michigan Rock N Brew festival after last weekend's bust of a maiden voyage. It was a first-year festival — and you could definitely tell
May 9 2012
Enthusiastically awaiting his arrival hours before the event, in the shadow of a Romney campaign bus, the small group brandished American flags and signs bearing the GOP presidential candidate’s...
May 9 2012
With the implementation of “flexible” housing options starting in the fall, students can live with anyone in certain dorms on campus regardless of gender. West McDonel Hall on the east side...
May 2 2012
The United Peckham Employees Association is a group of Peckham workers with help from labor activists — including the Lansing Workers’ Center and the International Association of Machinists...
April 25 2012
Two races took place in Lansing last weekend. One you may have heard of — the inaugural Lansing Marathon on Sunday had nearly 2,000 runners participate and got plenty of news coverage. You probably...

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