Nov. 20 2013
Dave Finet is a really nice guy. His laid-back style and demeanor make him a natural fit as general manager of the East Lansing Food Co-op, or ELFCO. When a City Pulse reporter visited on a recent Friday,...
Oct. 9 2013
As some climate activists see it, the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent proposal to begin limiting carbon emissions from new power plants means the Obama administration is finally getting...
Oct. 9 2013
The head of a local union representing workers at Lansing Board of Water and Light power plants says he has serious concerns about two explosions on Aug. 25 at the Eckert Power Station
Sept. 11 2013
About 15 people are aboard the Saturday bus to the Walmart Supercenter in Delta Township. Two are in wheelchairs. Most are seniors, a few with their grandkids. There’s a lot of laughter among the...
May 30 2012
Go up north. But if you’ve got a few free hours on one of the long summer days that lie ahead, and you want to catch fish that eat like hogs and fight like longshoremen, point your car toward the...
April 4 2012
Nowhere else in Lansing would Don Draper look so at home as in the mid-century splendor of the Spare Time Entertainment Center’s cocktail lounge. From the black leather booths to the pendant lighting...

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