Nov. 21 2012
This month, you might find a holiday show that has fake snow, Santa and maybe a few elves, but the one playing at Riverwalk Theatre certainly has something that makes it stick out from the crowd: goblins
Sept. 26 2012
The month of horror is almost here. Ravenous, blood-sucking creatures are crawling out of the woodwork for your soul … and your vote. Oh yeah, and Halloween is coming too. Every four years, politicians...
Sept. 19 2012
A play can take anywhere from weeks to years to get off the ground, with hours of rehearsals, costume fittings and making sure each beat has been perfected. Directing two shows at one time? Some would...
Sept. 12 2012
In 1906, a highly controversial stage play about teenage sexuality was ruffling the collars of conservative German theatergoers. It was called "Frühlingserwachen," and it addressed a host of verboten...