Aug. 21 2013
And now a roundup of political notes from around town … and beyond: Fundraisers for local elections are generally pretty dull affairs. But Lansing City Council At-Large candidate Judi Brown Clarke...
Aug. 14 2013
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Nobody is using that as a campaign slogan, but it is the theme of this fall’s Lansing City Council election. The man behind the curtain...
July 24 2013
The battle for control of City Hall, and the split it has created in Lansing's political and organized labor hierarchies, has become one of the harder-to-decipher political stories of the year. And it...
July 17 2013
Why do we need a primary election, or state party conventions? Twelve months before either major party officially picks its candidates for state office, it looks the November 2014 ballot is just about...
July 3 2013
Before we even consider taxes, the standard of living of those at the top has pulled away from the standard of living of those in the middle and the bottom. When we pile a regressive tax system on top...
June 19 2013
An incumbent usually has a big advantage going into a reelection cycle, but there are many reasons to believe 2014 will be the exception to that electoral rule
June 12 2013
The state Legislature is a week or two from its summer recess, so it's time for mid-term grades. I'd give Michigan's "Mighty 148" a "D" grade based on 1) passing a budget that shortchanges virtually every...
June 5 2013
Rick Snyder has one accomplishment the cynics thought impossible: He has united the state's Democratic Party. The gubernatorial election is 17 months away and Democrats already have their candidate: former...
May 31 2013
So what's the problem with the city of Lansing's ethics ordinance? The same thing that plagues too many disclosure requirements for public officials. While on paper it has most (if not all) of the elements...
May 22 2013
Consumers Mutual Insurance, Michigan's newest health insurer, is ambitious. Its mission is to be "recognized as Michigan's plan of choice for patient-centered care, disease management, lower costs, and...
May 10 2013
Friday, May 10 — While the Legislature dithers over whether Michigan’s working poor should be allowed affordable health insurance, a consortium of local health agencies is moving ahead with...
May 8 2013
In a rare change of pace, the state House of Representatives wants more facts before deciding on a controversial policy
May 1 2013
There's a reason we have clichés. Quite often, they reflect reality. "Cutting off your nose to spite your face." That is an apt description of the state Legislature as it ponders whether Michigan...
April 29 2013
Monday, April 29 — State Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer predicted today that former Congressman Mark Schauer will be the Democrats’ candidate for governor in 2014
April 24 2013
On April 10, 1933, Michigan became the first state to ratify the constitutional amendment ending Prohibition. It did so in a convention with elected delegates from each of Michigan’s 100 state House...
April 10 2013
"He took the easy way out." That's former Mayor David Hollister's blunt assessment of Mayor Virg Bernero's latest budget proposal, a document released just days after the Hollister-led Financial Health...
April 3 2013
Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice: If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. It is the official motto of a state now advertising itself as a "19-million-acre playground that’s Pure...
March 22 2013
For most of her adult life, Mari has lived the ultimate gamble: getting through without health insurance. She has always had a job but made too much money to qualify for Medicaid, which caps income for...
March 13 2013
Let me tell you about the time I accidentally took Carl Levin to the wrong country. But before we get to that, a few other personal thoughts about the man who has served this nation for 34 years and counting...
March 6 2013
It is a perpetual campaign — not just for president, but for state offices as well. Just three months after the 2012 general election, campaigning is well underway for 2014