Feb. 27 2013
Michigan is one of the dumbest states in the nation, but it's not a matter of genetics or innate intelligence. We aren't trying hard enough. And we're also losing too many of our best and brightest
Feb. 20 2013
A soft-spoken policy wonk has become one of the most influential voices in Michigan on how to reinvent the state’s economy. No, it's not the self-described "One Tough Nerd" in the Governor's Office....
Feb. 13 2013
Don't look now, but Lansing is already in another election cycle. And it looks like it is going to be nasty
Jan. 30 2013
The Virg Bernero reelection campaign got underway Monday evening with a State of the City address right out of Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America." Bernero's nearly half-hour speech to a packed audience...
Jan. 23 2013
Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative Republican leaders have loudly proclaimed their desire to work on a bipartisan basis in 2013, a far cry from their one-party rule of the last two years. The governor's...
Jan. 16 2013
How do we build the new Michigan economy? The answer to this question is our most important political debate for 2013. After riding on the automobile-driven wave that was our 20th-century key to prosperity,...
Jan. 9 2013
There's a new generation starting to take over the reigns of government in Ingham County. The 2012 election brought in a new wave of political leaders
Dec. 26 2012
So what have we learned? The question is always appropriate at year's end, especially at the end of a year of contention, dissension and even some significant steps forward
Dec. 19 2012
The man who crafted what has become an iconic political slogan — "No Worse Than the Rest" — is a study in contradictions. He's controversial and outspoken while at the same time a champion...
Dec. 19 2012
Just to recap: Right-to-work laws in the state that birthed the UAW and Teamsters; open carry of handguns in bars, schools, libraries and college dorms; an ongoing assault on a woman's constitutional right...
Dec. 12 2012
(Background music: "The Twilight Zone" theme) Narrator: Imagine, for a moment, a state law that makes paying taxes voluntary. Why, backers successfully argued, should people be forced to pay for services...
Nov. 30 2012
Every vote counts the same, right? Wrong. If you are a Republican in Michigan, your vote counts more than votes from Democrats. Just consider what happened in this fall’s election
Nov. 15 2012
He wasn't on the ballot, but the biggest political winner in Michigan last week was Gov. Rick Snyder. "One Tough Nerd" held his majorities in the state House and on the Supreme Court
Oct. 24 2012
The Legislature no longer represents the people of Michigan. That's the inevitable implication of next month's bed-sheet ballot to bypass lawmakers with five proposals to change the state Constitution,...
Sept. 26 2012
Jennifer Granholm and I have at least one thing in common: neither of us plans to run for public office again. I can hear the masses cheering already! We are finally free to say exactly what we are thinking...
Sept. 26 2012
I once had to write a college term paper for a course that had a 900-page textbook. Rather than plow through the whole book, I pulled a dozen paragraphs at random and built a paper around them that supported...