June 12 2013
The Japanese like to say that you first eat with your eyes. Maru, the latest sushi spot in Greater Lansing, understands this implicitly
May 8 2013
Ever read a glowing restaurant review and think, "The reviewer must be on the payroll — no place is that good."
April 10 2013
Let's start with the good stuff about Altu's. Despite its exterior — think 1970s Laundromat — inside you will find a place akin to what Hemingway called "a clean, well-lighted place." Reed...
March 13 2013
Let us stipulate now that the world would be a better, saner place if more restaurants could make soup like Mediteran
Feb. 6 2013
I'm a sucker for old restaurants. In a business where restaurants routinely fade to black, you have to admire a place that has outlasted many of its rivals and a good many of its customers. The Knight...
Jan. 9 2013
When someone in our family mentions a good wine they tried recently, the standard response is: "Did you detect notes of baby powder and asphalt?"
Dec. 12 2012
Williamston bistro impresses with eclectic menu
Nov. 14 2012
He Ate/She Ate is a new City Pulse food feature starting this week. Each month, the writers will each separately visit a Lansing-area restaurant before "casting their palates" with a qualitative subjective...

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