Jan. 15 2014
Everybody loves RaySome folks will take one look at Huapei Restaurant and keep going. Its inconspicuous location next to a shuttered Shell gas station is one reason. Its exterior appearance, which...
Oct. 9 2013
Restaurants naturally strive to set themselves apart, but so often fall victim to their own hyperbole. So when another Italian restaurant hits the scene with a motto that calls its food “intoxicating”...
June 12 2013
The Japanese like to say that you first eat with your eyes. Maru, the latest sushi spot in Greater Lansing, understands this implicitly
May 8 2013
Ever read a glowing restaurant review and think, "The reviewer must be on the payroll — no place is that good."
April 10 2013
Let's start with the good stuff about Altu's. Despite its exterior — think 1970s Laundromat — inside you will find a place akin to what Hemingway called "a clean, well-lighted place." Reed...
March 13 2013
Let us stipulate now that the world would be a better, saner place if more restaurants could make soup like Mediteran
Feb. 6 2013
I'm a sucker for old restaurants. In a business where restaurants routinely fade to black, you have to admire a place that has outlasted many of its rivals and a good many of its customers. The Knight...
Jan. 9 2013
When someone in our family mentions a good wine they tried recently, the standard response is: "Did you detect notes of baby powder and asphalt?"
Dec. 12 2012
Williamston bistro impresses with eclectic menu
Nov. 14 2012
He Ate/She Ate is a new City Pulse food feature starting this week. Each month, the writers will each separately visit a Lansing-area restaurant before "casting their palates" with a qualitative subjective...