Nov. 20 2013
A new congregation recently started gathering inside the former Temple Club in Lansing’s Old Town district. It´s open to the public and meets regularly, where conversations often revolve around...
Oct. 30 2013
Art integrates itself in many places around town, from Martin Eichinger’s “Windlord” at Adado Riverfront Park to the poetry benches lining Grand River Avenue and Turner Street in Old...
Oct. 23 2013
In 2003, Alice Brinkman leased an 1,100-square-foot building on the 1800 block of Washington Avenue in Lansing — the southernmost edge of REO Town — and stocked it with art supplies
Jan. 23 2013
Missy Lilje couldn't have planned it better if she had tried. She was recently named executive director for Happendance, the area's only self-sustained professional dance company, mere weeks before fulfilling...