Aug. 21 2013
It’s a warm summer afternoon and all is quiet at Haven House. The rush to get in the doors has subsided at the East Lansing homeless shelter for one- and two-parent families. All vacancies have been...
July 17 2013
Property: 1800 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing Owner: Hilde Wright Assessed Value: $33,100 Michigan Avenue wasn't always a business district. If you look closely, you'll see that many of those commercial...
July 17 2013
Not even the most voracious foodies can say they've eaten at a dozen different restaurants in the span of five hours. But at the Taste of Downtown event this weekend, you can knock 16 local eateries off...
July 12 2013
Friday, July 12 — Eight people, six months and 10 miles of hand-sewn seams add up to one Exxopolis, a “luminarium” art piece that’s the key sideshow event at Common Ground this...
July 3 2013
The next time you see someone in your office scribbling on a Post-it note, look a little closer: You might be witnessing the artistic process at work
July 2 2013
Tuesday, July 2 — The Tri-County Office on Aging is looking for an additional 100 people to deliver meals to the area’s older and disabled residents as part of its Meals-on-Wheels program
June 27 2013
Thursday, June 27 — Mark and Sue Rantz, who co-own downtown Lansing’s Zoup! restaurant, were named franchise owners of the year on Thursday
June 20 2013
Thursday, June 20 — Basically, it’s a show for the family, explosion enthusiasts or anyone who’s ever said, “I wonder if you can really stop a bullet by sticking your finger in...
June 20 2013
Thursday, June 20 — It’s a touring musical spoof of a bondage-themed fanfic that was, in turn, based on characters from the “Twilight” craze. Call it “Six Degrees of...
June 19 2013
Summer calls for lemonade and an iPod full of beach tunes, but Old Town is putting its annual spin on those traditions at this weekend's Festival of the Moon and Festival of the Sun. Instead of lemonade,...
June 19 2013
Wednesday, June 19 — At 11:36 a.m., a few hundred Michigan students, educators and political leaders prepared for battle on the front steps of the state Capitol building. Instead of shields, they...
June 18 2013
Tuesday, June 18 — Drag those boots out of the closet this Thursday and saddle up for some country tunes. On the 200 S. block of Washington Square, a country music lineup consisting of Brenda Loomis...
June 17 2013
Monday, June 17— With the raising of the flag and an employee choir’s national anthem preceding them, Mayor Virg Bernero and Emergent BioSolutions officials unveiled the company’s newest...
June 13 2013
Thursday, June 13 — The Old Town Commercial Association announced its lineups for next Friday’s Festival of the Moon and next Saturday’s Festival of the Sun. The events feature both locally...
June 11 2013
Tuesday, June 11 — This Thursday through Saturday, the 20th Annual Lansing Juneteenth Festival will commemorate the end of U.S. slavery. The Lansing event will feature live entertainment, guest speakers...
June 5 2013
Tuesday, June 4 — The ‘80s are cycling back into more than just 21st century fashion. Wednesday, they’re taking center stage at the Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Pops Concert,...
June 5 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: It is not enough to only reimagine blighted buildings — the entire property must be considered. This northwest corner parcel at Kalamazoo and Leslie...
June 5 2013
Wednesday, June 5 — Competition is a cornerstone of business, and one of the best ways to be competitive is to extend your hours. Or, as the Lansing City Market found, extending the number of days...
June 4 2013
Tuesday, June 4 — Three local communities — St. Johns, Meridian Township and the city of DeWitt — have been chosen to receive $10,000 each toward funding new sculptures that will be placed...