April 20 2016
In February, when Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero first said the $160,000-plus departure payout to his city attorney served the best interest of the city, it seemed plausible, though extravagant
April 6 2016
The first is that he clearly needs help with obviously destructive behavior. If the charges hold — and very likely they will — Dunnings has engaged in hundreds of illicit sexual encounters,...
March 23 2016
Where are the outcry, the petitions, the citizen rallies to preserve a unique slice of East Lansing's architectural history?
March 9 2016
In mid-Michigan there's no better place to be hired and fail than Lansing
Feb. 24 2016
To understand the appeal of Donald Trump, why some believe he is viable presidential material, I called my brother Terry
Feb. 10 2016
If it wasn't clear before, it should be now: Michigan's Republicans have proven utterly incapable of governing the state
Jan. 20 2016
A defining trait of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is his willingness to share an opinion on, well, just about anything The same with city voters, when asked to say what they think of the mayor. They are...
Jan. 20 2016
Look back at 2010, the race for governor in Michigan, and there he is: Virg Bernero, America's angriest mayor. A familiar talking head on cable television, it's Bernero railing against big business and...
Jan. 13 2016
Perhaps dealing with, as Snyder puts it, “his partners” in the Legislature has dulled his critical managerial abilities. Certainly it has lowered his standards. Consider two issues involving...
Dec. 30 2015
The Michigan Supreme Court, usually so protective of business, hostile to unions and deferential to powerful interests, actually ruled in favor of openness and transparency last week by ordering Michigan...
Dec. 23 2015
I don't think the Ten Commandments belongs in courtrooms. Kids should pray at home and if they want to do it at school, do it privately.But I don't really mind nativity scenes on the Capitol grounds, a...
Dec. 16 2015
Even though Rick Snyder has three years left as Michigan's governor, it's not too early to think legacy. He should be remembered as the nation's first governor to propose a ban — or as his administration...
Dec. 9 2015
Like most Americans, I knew about last week's mass murders in San Bernadino before reading the next day's newspaper. Still the headline in the Lansing State Journal's USA TODAY news section was chilling,...
Dec. 2 2015
For East Lansing's City Council, the payback opportunity came quickly. Angered by Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce negative advertising in the run-up to the 2015 election, the city is withdrawing...
Nov. 25 2015
Last week it was a terrorist attack in Mali. The week before, it was Paris. From our 21st Century perspective, we ask how such barbaric acts are possible. What motivates such evil, such disregard for innocent...
Nov. 18 2015
The horrific massacre in Paris last week has elicited the predictable response in the United States
Nov. 11 2015
For such a minor election, the balloting last week offers some worthwhile takeaways
Oct. 21 2015
For an agreement so momentous, the announcement this year that Newspapers.com would begin to archive the back issues of newspapers owned by Gannett Co. Inc., which owns the Lansing State Journal, has...
Oct. 14 2015
Sometimes the easiest answer is the hardest. For Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, an unequivocal “No” to questions about his involvement with the shadowy political provocateurs at Capitol Region...
Oct. 7 2015
Here's my problem with Bernie Sanders

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