Oct. 28 2014
If you’ve been eager to share your treasured peanut butter brownies with a wider audience, you’ll have the opportunity to do so at the Mid-Mitten Homemade Food Swap, an event debuting Saturday
April 16 2014
A few months ago, professional event organizer Sam Porter spotted a pile of empty beer cans after an event in East Lansing. Poking out from among the PBRs and Busch Lights, something caught his eye: a...
April 16 2014
This week’s Turn It Down is dedicated to the Microbrew & Musical Festival lineup. The two-day event is part craft beer festival and part concert event. Two main stages and the separate Silent Disco...
April 4 2014
Friday, April 4 — The Wharton Center will have its sound system cranked up to 11 this weekend when “Rock of Ages” rolls into East Lansing for a one-night performance. The Tony Award-nominated...
April 2 2014
As opening day fever sweeps across the country this week, it’s officially OK to start using the word “summer” again in regular conversation — as in baseball’s boys of summer,...
March 26 2014
Architecture critic Daniel E. Bollman says: In case passersby are uncertain of the function of this utilitarian building, the operators have thoughtfully stapled a cardboard “car wash” sign...
March 26 2014
Wednesday, March 26 — Progress Michigan delivered urine-sample cups to state senators today and asked if they would take a drug test. The cups were delivered to senators who voted for a proposed...
March 5 2014
Thursday, Mar. 5 — For some people, enjoying a fresh cup of joe is more than pressing the brew button on a coffeemaker — it’s a daily sacrament. For those who take their coffee seriously,...
Jan. 29 2014
Giving your business an off-kilter name could turn out to a mark of ironic genius — Hooters and Fuddruckers laughed all the way to the bank with tongue-in-cheek monikers — but to call your...
Dec. 30 2013
Monday, Dec. 30 — All dressed up, but not sure where to go? Don’t drop the ball before midnight. Here’s a listing of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the Lansing area
Dec. 26 2013
Thursday, Dec. 26— It’s that limbo between Christmas and New Year, and if you have power, you’re probably standing with your head in the fridge wondering what leftovers you’re going...
Dec. 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 18 — Mid-Michigan already has two-day blues, jazz and folk festivals. This spring, we’re getting a new one, this time dedicated to local musicians and craft beer. The Microbrew...