Feb. 11 2016
THURSDAY. Feb. 11 — For years, residents at 3200 S. Washington Ave., a Lansing Housing Commission building on the near south side, have complained about a host of issues compromising their living...
Feb. 10 2016
The state’s top official overseeing the medical response to the Flint water crisis is violating state law by only serving in a part-time capacity
Feb. 9 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 9 — The state official overseeing the medical response to the Flint water crisis appears to be violating state law by only working part time
Feb. 3 2016
In the decade since Mayor Virg Bernero took office, the Lansing skyline has slowly evolved as new developments change the contours of the city.
Jan. 29 2016
FRIDAY, Jan. 29 — Michigan Information and Research Services, Inc (MIRS) is reporting that a controversial ballot initiative to amend the state constitution will end. MIRS reports that Dana Nessel...
Jan. 27 2016
With angry residents toting bottles and jugs full of muddy-colored liquid, Flint’s City Council approved a resolution in March 2015 calling on the city’s emergency manager to “do all...
Jan. 25 2016
MONDAY. Jan. 24 — A key voice in the city of Lansing’s Financial Health Team has resigned his volunteer position with the group over concerns about his role in the Flint water crisis. AmbroseJerry
Jan. 20 2016
Courtesy the Mayor's office WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20 — The former School for the Blind has a new team of developers with a new plan to create 60 housing units for senior citizens and another 72 unit
Jan. 20 2016
Nathan Triplett, the former mayor of East Lansing, has taken on a new role: political director of the statewide gay rights organization Equality Michigan
Jan. 20 2016
When Gov. Rick Snyder was in Flint last week, a familiar Lansing face was by his side: David Maxwell, the head of the city of Lansing’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives. Maxwell is a Flint native
Jan. 18 2016
MONDAY, Jan. 18 — The Max & Erma’s restaurant in Eastwood Town Centre will remain open, despite closings elsewhere across the Midwest
Jan. 13 2016
First, the bad news. Lansing tops communities in the state in municipal pension and other retiree benefits obligations, an estimated $600 million in short and long-term debt obligations
Jan. 6 2016
WEDNESDAY. Jan. 6 — State and local officials will announce tomorrow that they are scaling up a public response to the dramatic increase in heroin and prescription opioid overdoses. Representatives
Dec. 16 2015
As Todd Letts, in his full “Star Wars” scout trooper costume, stepped off the elevator in NCG Cinemas Saturday morning, a teenage boy walked past
Dec. 16 2015
Lansing Community College and Gibson’s University Bookstore are battling in court over the college’s new book voucher program — a program Gibson’s says will ultimately kill its...
Dec. 11 2015
FRIDAY, DEC. 11 — Ingham County Controller Tim Dolehanty has confirmed that Ingham County does not have the space necessary to properly store vital records in the possession of the Ingham County...
Dec. 9 2015
Ingham County commissioners will vote Tuesday night on a series of proposals to address the ethics scandal that resulted in the firing of two top information technology staff earlier this year
Dec. 9 2015
A businessman who has allegedly been operating his moving business in violation of local ordinances has been arrested and charged with breaking the state’s motor carrier act, according to records...
Dec. 9 2015
City Councilmember at-large Judi Brown Clarke is likely to become the next City Council president. Brown Clarke, who has been on Council since January 2014, appears to have a five-member majority for the...
Dec. 9 2015
Shortly after taking office in 2013, Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum started reviewing how the county’s court and vital records were being stored and maintained. Proper storage of Circuit Court records...

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