Oct. 19 2016
Ingham County health officials are warning residents to be “vigilant” about hand washing to prevent the spread of the bacterial disease shigellosis. The warning comes after the county has confirmed...
Oct. 19 2016
Billie Jo O’Berry, the GOP candidate for Ingham County prosecutor in the Nov. 8 General Election, wants the county to invest in a fully funded public defender office to provide high quality legal...
Oct. 12 2016
Inside a nondescript building near a busy intersection on the city’s southeast side sits the only lab conducting medical marijuana testing in Lansing today
Oct. 12 2016
As marijuana moves into the mainstream, with new business emerging and complex rules and regulations, here is what you need to know
Oct. 12 2016
For decades, marijuana has been illegal, hidden in a black market and distributed clandestinely, often with criminal overtones. Now, and rapidly, it is emerging from back alleys into the daylight through...
Oct. 5 2016
The pledge asked parents to discuss with their children expectations and attitudes about alcohol consumption as well as boundaries of youth gatherings in their home
Oct. 5 2016
When Howard Spence, an Eaton County commissioner, got in his car to go and pick up a twenty-something man on Lansing’s southwest side last winter, he didn’t expect the Craigslist meet-up...
Sept. 28 2016
In the end, a noisy coalition of preservationists, historians and tree lovers failed over nine months to persuade more than one Council member to oppose the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s plan...
Sept. 22 2016
THURSDAY. Sept. 22 – The Lansing City Council will likely decide Monday night on the plan to put a power substation in Scott Park after a committee approved it today. WashingtonThe Planning and...
Sept. 14 2016
The Bath Charter Township Police Department is using its official Facebook page to issue a false warning to the public to be wary of meth because it might be contaminated with the debilitating Zika virus
Sept. 8 2016
A decision granting a special land use permit to the Lansing Board of Water & Light to erect a power substation in Scott Park has been delayed for at least two weeks
Sept. 7 2016
The future of a proposal to move the city-owned house at the center of the Scott Park controversy and convert it to condos is hazy at best “For the record, we have not revoked our proposal,”...
Sept. 7 2016
The developer’s marketing pitch and its pricing “by the bed” reflect the practices used by the region’s large student housing providers. Each apartment comes fully furnished and...
Aug. 31 2016
He’s Latino. He’s a long-time Republican. He’s supporting Donald Trump for the presidency
Aug. 24 2016
A coalition of community members and groups is asking the Lansing City Council to appoint an independent committee to review the plans and costs associated with a controversial power substation plan
Aug. 24 2016
A candidate for Lansing Community College trustee has been dismissed from her post at the Ingham County Register of Deeds
Aug. 24 2016
Lansing Community College faculty and staff park their cars in a nondescript parking lot on Washington Square near Shiawassee Street. What they probably don’t know is that this was once home to...
Aug. 22 2016
MONDAY, Aug. 22 — Patti Christmas, of Eaton Rapids and Tim Kepler, of Charlotte, stood in the parking lot in front of the Summit in Dimondale Friday, greeting each law enforcement officer
Aug. 19 2016
City Pulse, like all the local media, is on location at The Summit in Dimondale for Donald Trump's 5 p.m. rally. This report will be updated occasionally throughout the afternoon with photos, quotes and...
Aug. 17 2016
In 1977, the world for the LGBT community was a different place. No presidents spoke of equality. A measure to ensure equal treatment under the law had been introduced in the U.S. House but died. East...

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