June 15 2016
As the cast of Riverwalk Theater’s production of “Rent” slowly merged back into the crowd of people — some wearing “Love Wins” t-shirts, and others wrapped in rainbow...
June 3 2016
FRIDAY. June 3 — A group of 20 Republican members of the Michigan House of Representatives have introduced legislation aimed at transgender people that would require people to use government bathroo
June 1 2016
Critics on the Lansing City Council have the votes to kill a controversial plan to turn a downtown park near REO Town into the home of a power substation
May 31 2016
TUESDAY. May 31 — The Lansing Board of Water and Light, the city of Lansing and Habitat for Humanity have a plan to move the endangered Scott Center house and make it the centerpiece of a housing...
May 25 2016
When The Lansing City Council approved Mayor Virg Bernero's appointment of Joseph Abood as the interim city attorney on March 28, it did so for just two months
May 25 2016
The developers of the Red Cedar Renaissance project on Michigan Avenue in Lansing may seek about $35 million in bonds funded through Ingham County for construction of the elaborate infrastructure needed...
May 4 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 4 — Should the selection process of Ingham County’s interim prosecutor be open to the public? “Yes,” said Gretchen Whitmer, who is the former state Senate Democratic...
May 2 2016
MONDAY, May 2 —Experts say the mosquito that carries Zika is unlikely to get to Michigan, but the state House of Representatives isn’t taking a chance. It has passed legislation, sponsored...
April 25 2016
MONDAY, April 25 — A Michigan State University expert says the Lansing Board of Water & Light is likely going to end up paying the cyber thieves who took control of the utility’s corporate...
April 20 2016
Despite being ruled illegal under Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act, dozens of provisioning centers have opened across Lansing in the last year, adding to the score or more that already existed
April 20 2016
WEDNESDAY. April 20 — The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department has ordered the “troubled” Lansing Housing Commission to get its finances in order. “The Lansing Housing...
April 20 2016
One Eaton County deputy sheriff resigned, a member of the command staff received a written reprimand and a 28-year-old Grand Ledge man is negotiating a settlement with the county
April 13 2016
Mayor Virg Bernero announced in his State of the City address last month he wants a block by block assessment of every neighborhood in Lansing. His goal? Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each neighborhood...
April 13 2016
“I have the unfortunate duty to inform you that the FBI served a subpoena and search/seizure warrant on the County late this afternoon,” county Administrator Tim Dolehanty emailed county commissioners...
April 13 2016
“Mr. Saboury contacted me the previous week and stated that he was receiving repetitive phone calls from Mayor Bernero asking him, pleading with him, to file a civil case,” Brown Clarke said....
April 6 2016
Linda Vail, the Ingham County health officer, has warned county employees in Mason that using tap water from the Mason municipal water system may pose a health hazard because of elevated copper levels
April 6 2016
An amendment to the Lansing City Charter sold to voters last November as an answer to golden parachutes and excessive severance payments has a giant legal loophole: It doesn’t apply to separation...
April 6 2016
Although it prefers to build a new substation at the Scott Center city park, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Malcolm X Drive, the utility acknowledged this week that Eckert was a viable, though...
March 30 2016
The booming medical marijuana dispensary industry in Lansing has created an alliance of political partners easily defined as strange bedfellows.
March 29 2016
TUESDAY March 29 —Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III submitted his letter of resignation this morning, effective July 2

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