Feb. 25 2015
The nightmare doesn’t leave her head: the puppy shivering, whimpering, maybe barking till it was voiceless in below-freezing temperatures, sitting in its own feces and trapped in a crate. It can’t...
Feb. 25 2015
It was 1976. Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” was on the Top 40 charts. The Oldsmobile Cutlass was the hottest selling car. And food co-operatives were popping up around the country,...
Feb. 11 2015
Progress Michigan is asking Lansing radio host Tim Barron to apologize for a post on his Facebook page Sunday that appears to blame the victim of a shooting in East Lansing last week for his own death. Michael...
Feb. 11 2015
Since 2000 measles was a distant memory, banished like polio or smallpox. But the highly contagious airborne disease is making a comeback with more than 600 cases last year and 121 so far this year, according...
Feb. 3 2015
TUESDAY, FEB. 3 — On Dec. 8 a Lansing Township police officer shot and killed Randall Minier, 27, of Lansing, during a traffic stop. Officer Eric Lapham fired one shot striking Minier, in the face....
Jan. 28 2015
Melissa Hill has a handful of her right breast, the flesh taut in a stranglehold of frustration. At the same time she is pulling a fold of skin from her left hip in a wrenching motion resembling kneading...
Jan. 27 2015
TUESDAY, JAN. 27 — Step aside Spot. Make room for Bella and Buddy. Those are the most popular dogs names in Ingham County, according to the Ingham County Treasurer’s Office.
Jan. 21 2015
If you are gay in Lansing how do you know if a restaurant is safe to take a date to? How could you show support for your favorite lesbian-owned business? Or maybe you’re transgender and you want...
Jan. 21 2015
The orange “Shoulder Work” road sign leaning on the Moores River Drive front porch is a clear sign there’s a story waiting to be told. In the summers the front yard is overgrown with...
Jan. 19 2015
MONDAY, JAN. 19 — Freedom fighter Henry “Hank” Thomas lived through some of the most violent times in American history. As an original Freedom Rider who rode buses in the South to test...
Jan. 16 2015
THURSDAY, JAN. 15 — One day after Board of Water & Light General Manager Peter Lark was terminated, the second highest executive, Susan Devon, was let go. Devon was the chief administrative officer. “Her...
Jan. 14 2015
When it comes to land-use planning, Mark Grebner says there’s not much any of us can do. Developers run the game and municipalities lack the power to truly challenge them
Jan. 14 2015
“Dear bringer of the Light(Speed) Gods, I am writing to you from the confines of the desert island (aka: The Westside Neighborhood south of 496) that is my home. I long for the days that I may bask...
Jan. 14 2015
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 14 — They got the basketball spinning. Some got their booties shaking. And they all said no to bullying. Harlem Globetrotter Herbert “Flight Time” Lang visited Wilcox...
Jan. 13 2015
The Board of Water & Light General Manager Peter Lark’s job may be in danger. The BWL board is calling a special meeting for Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. “Board of Water & Light Commissioners Dennis...
Jan. 13 2015
Embattled General Manager Peter Lark was terminated as general manager of the Lansing Board of Water & Light Tuesday night in a special meeting, six months after the Board of Commissioners reappointed...
Jan. 8 2015
After a recent City Pulse article about the declining number of vendors and foot traffic at the Lansing City, Tim Barron said on his radio show the market “could possibly move to Old Town.” Barron,...
Jan. 7 2015
At a penny a pound the City of Lansing may have found easy money out of what you throw away. In the first few weeks of using an Ohio-based company, Simple Recycling, to haul away clothes and some household...
Jan. 7 2015
Two male gray wolves from the New York State Zoo are the latest additions to Potter Park Zoo. The eight-month-old brothers share the parents of fellow Potter Park Zoo female gray wolf, Tala.
Dec. 31 2014
The lines to the microphone at Union Missionary Baptist Church on Dec. 9 filled quickly. “What you feel, what you think, what your experiences have been are extremely important,” said Pastor...