Aug. 2 2018
But they are difficult to keep track of. There are so many grape varieties used for growth leading to wine production. Widely considered the current authoritative tome on the matter, the book “Wine...
June 7 2018
If you’ve found yourself saying, “I don’t like riesling,” chances are you haven’t found the right style — it’s not always sweet. It’s a German grape in origin...
May 3 2018
The range of emotions is vast. Expect nervousness, relief, concern for debt, hope for the future. You are faced with opportunities of many sizes every day and you’ve certainly taken advantage of...
April 5 2018
Pinot noir isn’t likely to go out of fashion for a while. Its recent success is built from making wines of moderate, red-fruited character, slight herbaceousness/earthiness, and a style often lower...
March 8 2018
Trying to make sense of any particular country’s wine industry in 900 words or less is a fool’s errand. Sure, New Zealand is known for highly expressive sauvignon blanc, but there are many...
Nov. 16 2017
I don’t know what you’re eating on the fourth Thursday in November, but if I were a betting man, my odds are on turkey. Still, Thanksgiving is a very personal holiday, with families having...
Oct. 5 2017
Candyland for grownupsDessert wines bring sweetness to maturity There exists a strange, pyramid-shaped image of the way people get into loving and drinking wine and what they “graduate” to....
Sept. 7 2017
Value wines that will impress South America has catapulted into the “value” wine industry conversation over the last 20 years, and it’s showing no signs of stopping that trend.Before...
Aug. 3 2017
A breakdown of Italian Wine Labeling If you’re asking a friend or colleague for tips or pointers on which Italian wines to buy, and the person you’re speaking to is a self-proclaimed “Italian...
July 13 2017
Industry professionals talk Michigan wine The Michigan wine industry has created space for producers and growers over the years, beneficial to all of us, especially considering the detailed work...
July 13 2017
A wine-lovers guide to romance.The wine industry may very well be the most romantic industry of them all. It’s not a coincidence that countless great vineyards are located on majestic, rolling hills,...
July 13 2017
An overview of the best wine stops in the stateGrowing wine grapes can be a harrowing line of work. Sure, all may be quiet on a calm, 82-degree day in July. But nature has its way of reminding every...
July 6 2017
There is so much America around you, and America wants you to eat and drink the things you want to eat and drink. It’s exciting to go off into the wine wilderness and find the hidden gems of Austria,...
June 7 2017
For this blessing, there is no American more important than Ted Diamantis, proprietor and president of Diamond Wine Importers
May 4 2017
At your local Meijer or Kroger, you’re surrounded by hundreds of very dependable wines, made from wineries owned by enormous companies like Gallo, Constellation, Wine Group, Altria (fka Philip Morris),...
April 5 2017
I was in a store this month and I saw two rosé packages, a canned rosé 4-pack in cardboard with the package top reading “stay basic” and a wine called Brosé. Dudes in salmon-colored...
March 1 2017
Paczki — pronounced “poonch-kee”— exist because Polish Catholics needed to use up all the eggs, lard and sugar in the house before Lent began. This traditionally takes place on...
Feb. 1 2017
February is a sexy time in Michigan. First of all, there’s Valentine’s Day. Second, it’s not warm. Winter is back, and that means snuggles for survival
Jan. 4 2017
If you’re the new year’s resolution type, do your best to assimilate to gym protocol, and be aware that your presence is throwing off the habits of others who are very important in keeping...
Dec. 7 2016
It’s time for some real holiday talk, Lansing