Aug. 10 2017
The Mason brewery will feature comedians Will Green and Pat Seivert as hosts and the line-up features Louis Michael, Mike Szar, Sam Rager and headliner Aharon Willows
Aug. 3 2017
Trash to treasure Nichole Marie Biber was all smiles watching her children. She glanced around excitedly as they chattered to themselves, while bouncing a yellow ball under the table. Her collage,...
Aug. 3 2017
Preservation Lansing is accepting nominations for 2017 awards History lines the streets of Lansing in the form of buildings constructed in an era past. Today, those remnants, and the work done to maintain...
COATM D with Ken
July 29 2017
Johnny DeMarco as "Tommy" in Confidence of a Tall Man.Photo by Dan Irving. Mid-Michigan takes the big screen this Sunday at Tavern & Tap. A special showing
July 27 2017
Up-and-Comer visits Mac’s Bar Mac’s Bar will host an emerging one-woman band, pronoun, on July 28 as she passes through on her first concert tour. Alyse Vellturo, the solitary member, created...
July 26 2017
Courtesy You can mix preservation awareness with a day at the pool tonight, with the Lansing Bike Party. The Moores Park Pool, despite being open all summer for swimmi
July 20 2017
A review of some of Instagram's most popular health trendsSugar Bear Hair The website promises healthier hair with a $30 bottle of 60 vitamins. Basically, these little blue gummies contain biotin, folic...
July 20 2017
Local bartender beats the odds If you are looking for Melissa “Inky” Kim this week, you will not find her mixing drinks behind the bar at Spiral Dance Bar. Kim, 39, will don a red coat to represent...
July 19 2017
Prepare to reinvent your definition of the word “make.” The first Lansing Mini Maker Faire is this Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon at Michigan State University’s Main Library
July 13 2017
Courtesy On July 15, rain or shine, the 14th annual Ele’s Race will begin. Held at Jackson National Life Insurance Company headquarters, the 5-kilometer race is part of the Lansing Area Race Se
July 13 2017
“Three hot rods rumbled into the parking lot and they wanted to know if they could hang out,” said Alexander. “I said, ‘Sure, as long as you keep the headlights on my job here so...
July 7 2017
Alessia Cara at Common Ground Music Festival 2017Scott V Photography/Scott photography.com I walked into Common Ground alone. Well, I tried to walk in, but then discovere
2017 Jimmy Awards by Henry McGee 3
July 5 2017
Antonio Cipriano represented the Wharton Center for Performing Arts Monday, June 26 at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, or “Jimmy Awards.” Presented by The Broadway League Foundati
June 29 2017
Many consider the Fourth of July to be a celebration, where proud Americans grill up hamburgers and hot dogs and come evening, sit to watch a colorful pyrotechnic display. However, not everyone experiences...
June 28 2017
Mark Mandenberg and the cast of "Master Class." Left to right: Sergei Kuitko, Janine Novenske Smith, Mark Mandenberg, Bonnie Cook, Ryan Powers, Susan Ruggiero.Courtesy of Ken Beachler. The Riv
June 15 2017
By DANIELLE CHESNEY Dennis Preston sat in the Lansing Mall on a recent afternoon, doodling a caricature in a leather sketchbook. Just feet away, mall visitors can have a Jimi Hendrix experience or “ah”...
June 15 2017
Summer has arrived, which means it’s time to dig the lawn chairs out from the depths of the garage, shake out the picnic blankets and mark your calendar for a packed season of outdoor live music....
June 15 2017
Pictured above: The photography studio of Englishman Abraham Cottrell (1825-1901) on East Michigan Avenue. He began as a gunsmith and photographer on Washington Avenue from 1859-61, then served in the
June 7 2017
Wednesday, the REO Town venue hosts Divinity Roxx, a bassist with credentials ranging from Victor Wooten’s opener to Beyoncé’s touring bass player and assistant musical director. In...
June 2 2017
The national nonprofit awarded the Ingham County Health Centers with Leader status based on its 2017 Healthcare Equality Index survey. The survey assesses four core objectives: LGBTQ patient-centered care,...