June 21 2018
Bernhardt was also popular for performing as a male character, most notably taking the stage as Hamlet. And she knocked audiences dead on a consistent basis — there are several documented accounts...
June 21 2018
Sutton Foster Ovation Awards can lead to notable successes. Last year’s male winner, Antonio Cipriano, has since been cast in a Broadway-bound musical reimagining of Alanis Morrissette’s “Jagged...
June 21 2018
Apparently it can do literally nothing wrong — it just wins, wins and wins some more. It receives by far the most votes and wins several categories every single year. Trying to sling produce, beer,...
June 14 2018
“With all of the momentum from CharlotteRising, Windwalker definitely gained some attention. We hosted a series of events that brought the community into the building and brought some regional attraction,”...
June 7 2018
Grab your tote bags, sun hats — and possibly pitchforks. Farmers market season has arrived in Greater Lansing
June 7 2018
Andrew Goldfarb’s punk rockabilly project started with a name. Goldfarb stumbled upon the 1854 book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,” by Charles Mackay
June 7 2018
The stretch of pathway along the river to feature the unique pieces will extend from the historic arts district of Old Town, through the Capital Complex of Downtown Lansing, south of I-496 and Beech Street....
May 31 2018
After the brutal heat of Memorial Day weekend, Lansing is dying for some relief. Though it would’ve certainly been a lifesaver last week, the East Lansing Family Aquatic Center is having its much...
May 31 2018
It’s a different kind of exhibit. The Broad won’t just be the host, but in many ways a fresh conduit for Lamelas’ daring experimentation. Lamelas is world renowned for his ability to...
May 24 2018
Cristo Rey Fiesta has been a staple for the church and its community for nearly four decades. It began as a way to celebrate the area’s rich cultural identity and has since attracted many traveling...
May 17 2018
The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum’s long awaited satellite operation, Broad Art Lab, is debuting Saturday with an exhibit plucked from Michigan State University’s colossal archive of both...
May 17 2018
Attendees can find themselves overwhelmed with not only the absurd amount of artists and vendors, but with three live music stages — each catering to a different taste. There’s the main stage...
May 10 2018
A surrealistic horror — well, only sort of horror — anthology pieced together by Lansing’s Ixion Ensemble is arriving at the Robin Theatre Saturday. “Fears & Phobias” is a...
May 10 2018
Absolute Gallery owner Kathy Holcomb has created stunning framework for more than 15 years. Holcomb was awarded an honorable mention this April by the Michigan-based Nelson’s Moulding and Frame’s...
May 10 2018
Robert Fabiano, 61, has been a practicing neuropsychologist for nearly three decades, but for the past three years he’s found a new way to reach out to patients, raise funds and spread awareness...
May 3 2018
“We became friends really quickly. It was kind of strange, because he was just learning music when I first met him,” Watroba said. “But I swear I have never met anyone who got good as...
April 26 2018
A variety of interfaith, intercultural and international viewpoints will be intertwined into a musical performance by two classically trained artists, Karim Wasfi and Alvin Waddles
April 26 2018
Where would the historical Jesus of Nazareth fit in today’s disjointed political climate? A seminar led by Arthur J. Dewey — Xavier University theology professor — and Celene Lillie of...
April 26 2018
“It seemed like the right time to bring it back. We’ve gotten to a unique milestone moment in our work across the state.” Creative Many’s president, Jennifer Goulet, said. “We’re...
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April 26 2018
Byzantine artwork is the chief artistic product of the Eastern Roman Empire and is recognizable for its heavy use of silver and gold leaf. The crushed metal made the works highly reflective, adorning them...