July 21 2018
Long before Zoobie’s served its first Cosmos pizza, the popular Old Town establishment was known as Ed’s Bar. The Penny Picnic began as a game: If you were a regular and could fling a penny...
July 20 2018
Though the pen is mightier than the sword, it often doesn’t come with a warning label. This published work from a Lansing writer does
July 18 2018
Directly affect your community on a budget that won’t break the bank: $5 gets you in the door and will give you a vote determining who will win the collected entry fees
July 18 2018
Listen to the wisdom of Lansing’s urban farming green thumbs while touring the city’s community gardens
July 17 2018
It’s the start of a joke, a blues guitarist, fiddle player and banjo aficionado walk into Lansing.Skilled as an international touring multi-instrumentalist, Detroit native Larry Unger is set to bring...
July 13 2018
There aren’t many events that can coincide doughnuts, jazz, zip lining and rooftops with grace. Rooftop Hop is a standalone. Bringing arts, heights, food and people together in downtown, Rooftop...
July 12 2018
Do you love Lansing and have a penchant for traversing dare-devilish heights? Lansing 5:01’s Rooftop Hop will host zip lining from four different locations starting today at precisely 5:01 p.m.,...
July 11 2018
Can Lansing assert its dominance in the ramen game, or will Detroit usurp the capital city? A grand ramen battle royale plans to answer that very question