Jan. 11 2017
The rare pairing of two major soloists on the Prague Philharmonia’s Jan. 18 concert at the Wharton Center makes you wonder: Have the classical poobahs resorted to throwing multiple stars on the same...
Jan. 11 2017
As they might say if ESPN did orchestral highlights, it was the bottom of the slow movement and the cadenza was in full swing. Just when Ell seemed to have poured out the last dregs of unfulfilled longing,...
Jan. 11 2017
Monday night, a group of about 25 activists shrugged off a January cold snap to circle in front of City Hall in support of an idea that goes back to the Old Testament’s Book of Numbers
Jan. 4 2017
This has not been an ordinary trip home for cellist Tanya Ell, the Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s guest soloist Saturday
Jan. 4 2017
Flowers are pretty scarce around New Year´s Day, so we decided to celebrate another spin around the sun by picking a bouquet of 10 interesting people who reflect the variety and vitality of life...
Dec. 28 2016
In 2016, lovers of classical and jazz music in Greater Lansing were again dazzled by dozens of superb local musicians who are also national names — or could be, if they cared to live in a city...
Dec. 28 2016
Moon built nearly 300 buildings over a 60-year career, only about 30 of which survive. His own house was one of his best. The porch, a curvy confection of gingerbread with many sculptured details and its...
Dec. 22 2016
“Once he wasn’t able to come here every day, we knew it wouldn’t be long. This was his life. He was a fighter, but this time I think he just let go.”
Dec. 21 2016
There were no festive add-ons, no guest vocalists, not even a stocking or candy cane in sight, but the MSU Professors of Jazz opened up a bottomless, Santa-sized sack of swing for a packed and delighted...
Dec. 14 2016
The more they dread Stark, the better she likes it. At 86, she is Exhibit A in her own long-running class on dealing with workplace diversity
Dec. 7 2016
Designer birdhouses, punk rock, luminescent organisms, rare isotopes, worm eating and virtual reality are a few of the sugarplums dancing in the head of Marc- Olivier Wahler, the new director of Michigan...
Dec. 7 2016
A six-course banquet that lightens your heart, instead of giving you acid reflux, sounds like a miracle. The Brandenburg Concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach start at miraculous and go upward from there
Dec. 7 2016
Bassist Rufus Reid looked bemused when he took the stage in a cavernous conference room at the lavish headquarters of the MSU Federal Credit Union Monday night
Dec. 7 2016
Michigan State University’s Broad Art Museum is planning to lease a space across Grand River Avenue where it will showcase art from the former Kresge Art Museum, the Broad’s new director, Marc-Olivier...
Dec. 7 2016
Last month, the new director of Michigan State University’s Broad Art Museum, Marc-Olivier Wahler, talked with City Pulse’s Lawrence Cosentino about a range of topics, from the relation between...
Nov. 23 2016
They’ve played jazz festivals, Japanese temples and Joe’s Pub in New York — and that’s just the “j’s.” They plumb the thorniest thickets of Beethoven and the Björkiest...
Nov. 16 2016
A bass solo by Rodney Whitaker starts with a handful of notes that float into the air like a question. Urgently yet carefully, his hands reach out for a response. Melodies and countermelodies dart up and...
Nov. 9 2016
In my imagination, a cynic poked his head into the Wharton Center late Friday night just to scoff at the happy, wall-to-wall buzz that followed the Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s big choral concert
Nov. 2 2016
As mezzo-soprano soloist in the “Ode to Joy,” the delirious climax of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Jazimina MacNeil will be one-fourth of a tiny but critical nucleus in a vast choral...
Oct. 26 2016
Michigan State Medical Society 129 W. Saginaw St., East Lansing Architect: Minoru Yamasaki

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