March 2 2016
At first blush, it looks like the Lansing Symphony Orchestra is buying a stairway to Heaven by putting on an all-Mozart night Saturday. The revered composer, like the chocolate confection that bears his...
March 2 2016
The photo is strangely comforting. It says all's right with the world, even though nothing is right. In the 1990s and 2000s, while toothy flag-wavers like Rogers settled into the national driver's seat,...
Feb. 24 2016
There are many carefully forged links in the 39-year-old New York artist’s work, but the chain drops straight into a well of mystery. Sendor spoke extensively about his meticulous methods on a visit...
Feb. 19 2016
FRIDAY, Feb. 19 — About 200 people crammed into Ingham County’s newest public health facility this morning. They weren’t sick, but they came out feeling better anyway. The occasion was...
Feb. 17 2016
Tap dancer Savion Glover and drummer Jack DeJohnette will have an intense conversation Friday at the Wharton Center
Feb. 17 2016
Last week, architect Elisabeth Knibbe punched up a few images of Lansing's Eastern High School on her computer
Feb. 10 2016
Categories can be hateful, but they start discussions. So here’s one to chew on
Feb. 10 2016
Two water-bearing volunteers knocked at the door of a tiny house on Flint's north side Sunday afternoon. Five barefoot kids, ages 3 to 11, nearly outnumbered the few pieces of furniture inside
Feb. 3 2016
Andrew Ford, a pastor at Grand Ledge Baptist Church, resolved to venture "outside his comfort zone" in 2016. He wasn't alone. Thursday, Ford joined a mob of volunteers who reported for duty with Lansing's...
Jan. 27 2016
Last week, as a frigid January passed its midpoint, a curious scene took place inside the front window of Lansing City Hall. The lobby Christmas tree was half-undressed. In its place, a couple of suspicious...
Jan. 27 2016
Some people can’t talk about anything but the one time they saw the mating dance of the lesser prairie chicken. (“I was only 30 feet away!”) They may have rafted up the Grand Canyon,...
Jan. 20 2016
Rachel Barton Pine became obsessed with playing the violin at age 3, when she heard a Bach partita in a Chicago church. She is far beyond driven now. Her violin case is plastered with stickers for Slayer,...
Jan. 13 2016
When Jane White tells people she is the director of Michigan’s Human Trafficking Task Force, about half of them give her an odd look
Dec. 30 2015
This town is heated year round (summer festivals included) with native, student and visiting musical talent, thanks largely to the white-hot boiler room that is the MSU College of Music. With so much to...
Dec. 16 2015
Etienne Charles’ new CD, “Creole Christmas,” does mess with Santa, but briefly and gently. Casual jazz fans who prefer their music “straight” need not run for the hills. The...
Dec. 16 2015
A lavish photo spread in the December 2015 edition of Vanity Fair, “Jazz on the Loose,” gave some love to 36 virtuosos under 33 who are headlining “the hottest live jazz scene since Review...
Dec. 15 2015
A dead hydrangea danced on the glass outside the Broad Art Museum café when I sat down to talk with the museum’s new assistant curator, Steven Bridges. The impromptu performance on a sunny...
Dec. 9 2015
By the time Jimmy Johnson pulled his bologna out of the smoker every Thursday at 1 p.m., people were waiting in the parking lot
Dec. 2 2015
Early Monday evening, waves of jazz broke free from a cavernous conference room and swirled up the grand spiral staircase that greets visitors to the fancy corporate digs of the MSU Federal Credit Union
Skyline Square
Nov. 25 2015
In most love-conquers-all stories, you root for the star-crossed lovers to come together. MSU Opera Theatre’s gripping version of “A Room With A View” made me root for the sad souls...