Skyline Square
Oct. 14 2015
The able scouts of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra showed how to kindle a cold-weather fire the hard way at Friday’s über-romantic MasterWorks concert
Oct. 7 2015
In a charming, off-the-cuff YouTube series, Joshua Roman parks his chair, himself and his cello in alleys, gardens, parks and rooftops of cities he’s touring — from Sri Lanka to New York to...
Oct. 7 2015
An $8 million, five-story mixed-use development, partially plated with stainless steel left over from the construction of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, is set to go up at the southwest corner...
Oct. 7 2015
To be thrown into an identity crisis at the age of 3 is a little early, but that’s what is happening to MSU’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum as it nears its third birthday, coming in November
Rendering revised
Oct. 2 2015
FRIDAY, Oct. 2 — An $8 million, five-story mixed-use development, partially plated with stainless steel left over from the construction of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, is set to go up a
Sept. 23 2015
All night, he sliced like a shark through the romantic billows and surges of an orchestra that’s already in mid-season form. Four works by Gershwin, including the famous “Rhapsody in Blue,”...
Sept. 16 2015
Steely, stylish piano man Ralph Votapek couldn’t have much left to prove. His career began with a shocking win over his Soviet rivals in the first Van Cliburn competition in 1962 and keeps on going,...
Sept. 9 2015
“From Sepia to Selfies,” a compelling, comprehensive exhibit of over 200 photographs of people and places in Lansing, cries out for one of those old-fashioned handbills that use 30 different-sized...
Sept. 2 2015
Updated to correct an error In America, "Back to school" is not so much a call to education as a ramped-up retail rush, like Christmas or Halloween. Brand names jostle for student dollars in the September...
Aug. 26 2015
For a homeowner with a gaping yellow hole 10 feet deep under her front door, where a porch would normally be, Carol Skilling was microwaving cat food pretty calmly last Tuesday morning. "Its...
Aug. 19 2015
After restoring a dilapidated 1898 house to its original glory, Joe Vitale knows all about to-do lists. He´s got a big one as the new president of Preservation Lansing, a grassroots...
Aug. 12 2015
A fresh coat of paint works wonders for most fixer-uppers, but Alan Hooper’s painting hands were tied when he set out to convert Lansing’s former Creole Gallery into the Creole, a Cajun...
Aug. 5 2015
Lansing JazzFest hits Old Town this weekend, and City Pulse’s Lawrence Cosentino had a chance to catch up with three of the weekend’s most intriguing artists. Check out the links below for...
Aug. 4 2015
At 26, Detroit-based artist Marcus Elliot has developed a subtly complex, passionate, heartfelt voice on tenor saxophone that has gotten the attention of national critics like The New York Times’...
Aug. 4 2015
It’s impossible to summarize, let alone list, guitarist Fareed Haque’s incredible range of achievements and interests. Haque, 53, is a cumulating icosahedron of a guitarist, with solid cred...
Aug. 4 2015
Tony Monaco’s ebullient organ style is a living link to the bubbling, flowing eruptions of his mentor, legendary organ master Jimmy Smith. The 40-year veteran headlines Lansing JazzFest Friday with...
July 29 2015
Donya Davis served seven years of a 22- year prison sentence after a sexual assault victim identified him in a lineup. Post-conviction DNA testing tied the crime to another man. The 36-year-old Detroit...
July 22 2015
In the early 1800s, vast flocks of now-extinct passenger pigeons took days to go by. Once upon a time (meaning the 1960s and ‘70s), the fulltime Lansing parks staff topped 100, including three...
July 15 2015
Judging by a conference at MSU´s Kellogg Center, Michigan´s agricultural leaders are coming to grips with sustainability in much the same way movie and music moguls reacted to the birth of...
July 1 2015
Pat Feldpausch, a real estate agent from DeWitt, walked out of the American Eagle Superstore at 901 N. Larch St. in Lansing last Thursday with a grin on his face and a cart full of KABOOM. On the Fourth...