Aug. 13 2014
Suzanne Love pulled Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” from the shelf two weeks ago. She hadn’t looked at it since college. Back then, it was required reading. Now it’s more...
Aug. 13 2014
A spur-jingling cowpoke saunters through a Western street, picking up snatches of drama from every door: Guffaws, gunshots, a baby crying, some honkytonk piano, sighing lovers, the crash of the obligatory...
Aug. 6 2014
Mike Jenkins has had three heart attacks. He has diabetes. He has probably earned enough frequent siren miles for a free EMS ride to Saskatoon. Crunchy’s, MSU’s old-school beer, burger and...
July 30 2014
The 2014 Lansing JazzFest continues the tradition of bouncing trumpet riffs, drum rhythms and skeet-skat-dadiddly vocals off the buildings of Old Town. But this year it gets a little otherworldly with...
July 23 2014
The push for new public art is well under way at Michigan State University and growing in Lansing and other mid-Michigan towns. But in the stampede to new art, gems from the past are sometimes trampled,...
July 16 2014
Fed up with delays by the Lansing Board of Water and Light to retire its coalfired Eckert Power Station, local activists are pressing the utility to set a date to close the 60-year-old facility
July 16 2014
If you’re looking for a summer guide to Michigan’s storied waterfalls, wooded trails and crystal lakes, Jerome Pohlen’s “Oddball Michigan” is not it. But if you need to know...
July 2 2014
What is patriotism? After I asked a dozen mid- Michigan leaders and citizens, I´m no closer to a definitive answer, so I´ll open with a metaphor. Patriotism is a flame
July 2 2014
Ask regular customers of Goodrich’s Shop-Rite what they’ll miss when the store closes in two weeks and you’ll get the expected answers: The friendly staff of committed lifers; the meat,...
June 19 2014
THURSDAY, June 19 — At 25, Vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant, headliner of this weekend’s East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival, is one of jazz's most promising young artists. Her...
June 18 2014
The Summer Solstice Jazz Festival brings two raucous flavors of jazz into its tent this weekend — ecstatic “space mu sic” and jubilant New Orleans-style brass — in a venue only...
June 18 2014
Bob Every doesn´t let anything bug him for long. He picks up the phone and calls the bullpen, deploys the spread option offense, goes for the fast break, pulls the goalie, bowls the extra frame. He...
June 11 2014
Nobody feels the heavy vibrations pulsating from the Creole Gallery’s peeling walls more keenly than its new owner, Jamie Schriner-Hooper
June 11 2014
Every city has its heartbreaking “used-to-be” jewels — Art Deco band shells, ornate theaters, towering elm groves that now draw wistful sighs in nursing homes. Praise Neptune! Lansing’s...
June 4 2014
Bill Hankins was behind the times, by nature, and that put him a little bit ahead. The death May 23 of the longtime East Lansing gallery owner has local artists musing about what´s still missing...
May 28 2014
Made in Lansing, a new exhibit by the Historical Society of Greater Lansing, rolls through 150-plus years of manufacturing innovation in a city that sits in the center of Michigan like the hub of a wheel....
May 21 2014
Your eyes can get a real workout at the Broad Art Museum — from rolling to the back of your head. I’m not talking about the art, but the people you run into: Self-styled experts who can´t...
May 14 2014
Thomas Boyd has seen a lot of defendants, but the chief judge of 55th District Court in Ingham County can still picture one young man he sentenced a few years ago. "He was only 17, hadn´t even grown...
May 14 2014
“Fresh, but not raw” should be the label for the 2014-‘15 Lansing Symphony season. Maestro Timothy Muffitt will disperse a generous portion of 21st century music along with classics...
May 7 2014
From the U.S. Air Force’s crack big band to the far-out signals of avant-garde spaceman Sun Ra, East Lansing´s Summer Solstice Jazz Festival has announced a stellar lineup that thrusts the...