Nov. 13 2013
Yo-Yo Ma is a curious man. His Wharton Center concert Monday is sold out, but he agreed to a phone interview with City Pulse anyway. That never happens, let alone with the world’s most famous classical...
Nov. 13 2013
Back in the Oldsmobile days, the annual swarming of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra with the three MSU choral groups was a bit of a slog, even if you weren’t related to one of the 400-odd performers...
Nov. 6 2013
You can’t eat a concept, but you can swallow it. The national trend of “food hubs” linking local farmers with local stomachs is finally wriggling down the gullet of greater Lansing
Nov. 6 2013
Nordic musicians don’t fool around. They conjure up a universe and dare you to bask in it while it’s still steaming. Take a sauna and an icy dip with soaring Finnish symphonist Jean Sibelius,...
Nov. 6 2013
Alison Gass, the Broad Museum’s curator since it opened in November 2012, was named the museum’s new deputy director over the weekend. She will remain curator as well. Before coming to the...
Nov. 6 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 6 — People who are tempted to come 10 minutes late to Saturday’s Lansing Symphony Orchestra concert to avoid nine minutes of exposure to 12-tone music need to spend five minutes...
Oct. 30 2013
Betty Price, a classy, comforting presence in Lansing for much of the 20th century, died peacefully at her home in Milwaukee Oct. 20. She would have turned 100 Nov. 4
Oct. 30 2013
MSU’s Broad Art Museum, celebrating its first birthday this week, was born into a wormhole of contradictory expectations
Oct. 30 2013
From the start, exciting things were supposed to happen at the Broad Museum. Hanging a few pictures and piping in Mozart was not an option
Oct. 30 2013
In April, MSU art students seized a rare chance to romp in one of the world’s newest and pointiest art museums
Oct. 30 2013
From the science-fiction visions of a Lansing-born architect to “unmonumental” domestic objects to a panorama of contemporary Chinese art, the Broad Museum promises to broaden its international...
Oct. 30 2013
Can a 64,000-square-foot steel and concrete trapezoid drop into a sea of beer and refried beans without making a ripple? It would seem so
Oct. 30 2013
Never mind the geometry of light, the relationship between memory and time or transitions in contemporary society. Among the most common queries heard at the Broad Museum is: How do you work the bathroom...
Oct. 23 2013
Note to non-professionals: Do not try this. In spring 2013, director/actress/playwright Kristine Thatcher was invited to Chicago’s First Folio Theatre to perform in “Underneath the Lintel,”...
Oct. 16 2013
Paula Cunningham, president and CEO of Capitol National Bank, wants to make it clear that she is still above ground, despite her induction into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame Thursday
Oct. 16 2013
When the MSU Federal Credit Union gave $1 million to MSU’s College of Music for a jazz residency program last January, it was Christmas: Part II for jazz studies chief Rodney Whitaker. MSU has a...
Oct. 9 2013
You can’t put a finger on Neogen CEO James Herbert’s contribution to Lansing’s urban fabric. You need all your fingers and approximately three toes
Oct. 9 2013
The Lansing Symphony and its fans got at least two twofers when Russian-born violinist Ilya Kaler took the stage as soloist for Saturday’s MasterWorks concert. The most obvious double deal was getting...
Oct. 2 2013
Moscow-born violinist Ilya Kaler digs some heavy inspiration on his car CD player these days: Towering Wagner duets with legendary singers Lauritz Melchior and Kirsten Flagstad. Kaler is king of his own...
Sept. 18 2013
The Lansing Symphony Orchestra had a stiff creak in it, like a pair of new shoes, at the beginning of Friday’s season opener, but it’s amazing what a little sweat can do