Oct. 2 2013
Moscow-born violinist Ilya Kaler digs some heavy inspiration on his car CD player these days: Towering Wagner duets with legendary singers Lauritz Melchior and Kirsten Flagstad. Kaler is king of his own...
Sept. 18 2013
The Lansing Symphony Orchestra had a stiff creak in it, like a pair of new shoes, at the beginning of Friday’s season opener, but it’s amazing what a little sweat can do
Sept. 11 2013
It didn’t take long after Robert Busby’s death in 2007 for people to call for a sculpture honoring Old Town’s guiding spirit. It took a lot longer to make it happen
Sept. 11 2013
Etienne Charles is on a “Creole Soul” roll. The Trinidad-born trumpeter/composer/bandleader and youngest of the MSU Professors of Jazz hits Michigan State University’s Broad Art Museum...
Sept. 11 2013
A bomb goes off in a fireworks factory. “Nothing to see here,” a cop barks to the onlookers as fireballs erupt behind him. That’s the paradox of Friday night’s explosive Lansing...
Sept. 4 2013
Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope and his partner, Bradly Rakowski, have lived in their 1926 Lansing home at 1402 N. Genesee St. in the West Side neighborhood for 10 years. How long have they been restoring...
Sept. 4 2013
The deluxe new sidewalks and bike lanes along South Washington Avenue are barely dry, but Lansing’s post-industrial center of cool has already lost a home for struggling local artists and musicians....
Sept. 4 2013
It’s big and colorful and science-y and it’s definitely trying to communicate to us. But what is the message? A new 36-foot-by-20-foot mural on the north face of the Impression 5 Science...
Aug. 30 2013
Friday, Aug. 30 — Art Alley, the plucky brick gallery at 1133 S. Washington Ave. in REO Town that fired the first volley of art in the resurgence of the old factory district south of downtown three...
Aug. 28 2013
England has Stonehenge. Easter Island has heads. Lansing’s Leitram Street, only a block long, has six massive, mysterious concrete slabs, each weighing over two tons. Gently monumental relics of...
Aug. 28 2013
Purity, in breeding or music, isn’t an American thing. We like to mix it up and guess whose child is whose 10 years later. Lansing’s Mosaic Music Festival, this weekend at Adado Riverfront...
Aug. 28 2013
Michigan State University almost got plowed under shortly after sending out its first tender shoots in 1855. In a near-fatal turnip scandal, an early alumnus of Michigan Agricultural College overplanted...
Aug. 28 2013
They’ve taken your pulse, fixed your landing gear, trouble-shot your software, remodeled or built your house, maybe written you a ticket or two. Lansing Community College graduates make everyday...
Aug. 28 2013
One of the best things about a new building is that everything works. Students at career-focused Davenport University’s new downtown Lansing campus may find that some things work too well. The nursing...
Aug. 28 2013
You’re kicking back with a beer and some friends at the Nuthouse, the Tin Can or some other downtown Lansing bar. One member of your party somehow manages to laugh at every joke and keep up the drinking...
Aug. 22 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 21 — Marian McPartland had no patience for idiots. Before I started an interview with her in 2002, she warned me to keep it short. “I have to do my hair,” she said, as...
Aug. 21 2013
More than 40 years ago, when Renee Lynette Fink was a boy named Rodney, she played with another boy, David Meyers, who lived a few doors away on Regent Street on Lansing’s east side. “I remember...
Aug. 21 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 21 — Slowly but surely, Old Town is engulfing its environs like a giant amoeba with seven hair salons. By this time next year, another chunk of neighboring blight will get the now-familiar...
Aug. 7 2013
In the late 1990s, greater Lansing faced what many regarded as an existential threat: GM’s decision to pull out of Lansing after the demise of Oldsmobile. It was time for a team of rivals to unite...
Aug. 1 2013
Uneasy immersion into a dangerous world: That's the theme of a deeply personal exhibition of oil paintings on display at the Lansing Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame through July 27