July 31 2013
Jazz and classical musicians have a lot in common these days. Beleaguered by arts budget cuts in schools, pushed further to the margins of the culture, both are clinging to life almost exclusively in universities,...
July 31 2013
You find a closet door open. One hanger is wobbling back and forth. Who was just here? Why did she leave? And why is a wobbly hanger so weirdly fascinating?
July 31 2013
Sound effects man Fred Newman ends a lot of sentences with “AH-WOOGA,” but he’s dead serious when he tells you that he learned his “low and dark art” under the Spanish moss...
July 24 2013
When Garrison Keillor takes his long-running radio show, 'A Prairie Home Companion,' on the road, he likes to insert references to local spots, but he keeps them gentle
July 24 2013
After 20 years in the underbrush, Lansing´s Snake Rodeo has re-emerged like a well-camouflaged Asian vine snake. A leaderless, nameless group of artists and musicians is out to revive the anything-goes,...
July 10 2013
Quietly, slowly, water erodes the strongest rock. Dave Dempsey's lifelong push against the despoilers, exploiters and developers that pressure the Great Lakes operates on that scale
July 10 2013
MessageMakers, a Lansing-based media, event planning and PR firm with clients from Old Town to Africa, has taken its founder and president, Terry Terry, on a wild ride through four decades, five continents,...
July 3 2013
Early last spring, a woman borrowed some books from downtown Lansing's Capital Area District Library branch and crossed Capitol Avenue for a stroll through shady Reutter Park. It was the perfect coda to...
June 26 2013
Efficient is the word for the Lansing Board of Water and Light's new $182 million, 100-megawatt power plant in south Lansing's REO Town, set to go online Monday. Inside its shiny bowels, combined cycle...
June 26 2013
Efficient is the word for the Lansing Board of Water and Light's new $182 million, 100-megawatt power plant in south Lansing's REO Town, set to go online Monday. Inside its shiny bowels, combined cycle...
June 21 2013
Friday, June 21 — Around the world, the chamber music combination of violin, clarinet and piano is synonymous with Michigan State University’s Verdehr Trio. They even have an entry in the Britannica-hefty...
June 19 2013
"MSU Plant Switches to Wood Biomass Fuel" was the headline June 5 on the MSUToday website — a boast on par with one of Monty Python's more obscure skits, "Man Jumps Across English Channel." Michigan...
June 19 2013
Homegrown talent and world-class artists (often one and the same thing), rare visitors from New Orleans, an organ trio, a Latin group, a big band, a guitar summit and a vocalist summit pack the strongest...
June 12 2013
There are two kinds of people in this world. One sees a knocked-over trash barrel in the park and calls Lansing Parks Director Brett Kaschinske to complain. The other kind picks the barrel back up
June 5 2013
Nobody had to take Erica Ward aside at her graduation party and whisper the word "elephants" in her ear. She knew what she wanted to do the first time she bandaged a pachyderm's sore foot and got an appreciative...
June 5 2013
Roy Saper was getting high in his kitchen last week from making chocolate chip pecan waffles. Pour, sprinkle, press, sizzle. I told him I needed to stop at one waffle
May 29 2013
On fishing weekends, my Uncle Andy used to put a milk carton full of worms in the fridge door, where the milk goes. It freaked my Aunt Sophie out. So did the golf balls in the egg keeper. After talking...
May 29 2013
It's doubly fitting that Preservation Lansing will launch its 2013 round of awards with a press conference today at the old Genesee Street School downtown. In a city with a tattered urban fabric, the annual...
May 22 2013
Sergei Kvitko strangled his water bottle and looked at the clock. It was just before 7 p.m. on April 30, and he was due on stage at 7:30 for a grueling solo piano concert at Michigan State University's...
May 16 2013
A proposed merger between Cristo Rey Community Center and St. Vincent Catholic Charities that has been under attack by a citizens group has been called off, Michael Murray, legal counsel for the Diocese...