May 15 2013
With their crunchy exoskeletons, compound eyes and yellow blood, insects seem more like alien creatures than our fellow Earthlings — but humans have more in common with the six-legged beasties than...
May 15 2013
Leo Tolstoy was quite a bastard — check out his wife's diary for some hair-raising stories — but he made a good point now and then. He once asked arch-Romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff,...
May 8 2013
Audiences trust him. Musicians love to play for him. He digs the Lansing Lugnuts. Best of all, after seven years as Lansing Symphony music director, Timothy Muffitt has cans of symphonic whoop-ass he hasn't...
May 8 2013
Would you rather watch a Ken Burns video or be airdropped straight to Yosemite? Classical music's perennial favorites are a lot like the national parks. The crags of Brahms' Fourth Symphony, the mesas...
May 8 2013
As far as anybody knows, these two guys don't compare tattoos, but there's a palpable rapport between Lansing Symphony maestro Timothy Muffitt and Christopher O'Riley, the guest soloist for the Lansing...
May 8 2013
When choosing her jewelry for the night, the lady of the house could reach under the vanity and press a hidden button, revealing a secret panel in the bathroom. It was probably also used to hide hooch...
May 8 2013
A timeless saga of the human spirit that will inspire generations to come? Screw that
May 1 2013
Everybody wants to brag about his garden, right? Maybe get it into the newspaper? "I'm not interested," an 80-ish woman in her bathrobe said curtly at the curb. "Not interested."
April 24 2013
The quick hustled past the dead at Mile 9 of the 2013 Lansing Marathon early Sunday morning, as hundreds of runners streamed down the slope of northbound Aurelius Road and rounded the hills of Mt. Hope...
April 24 2013
While other jazz festivals shrivel, a three-way alliance among the City of East Lansing, the Wharton Center and the Michigan State University College of Music has led to more depth and breadth than ever...
April 17 2013
There aren't a lot of classical and jazz dates on the Wharton Center's 2013-14 schedule, but what's there is "cherce," as Tracy once said of Hepburn. Marquee names like Russia's St. Petersburg Philharmonic,...
April 17 2013
A tricked-out 1973 Mercedes, hand-detailed with wicked silver worms and refitted to run on restaurant grease, was parked outside the Broad Art Museum last week. In the sculpture garden. Move your limo...
April 15 2013
Monday, April 15 — There aren’t a lot of classical and jazz dates on the Wharton Center’s 2013-14 schedule, but what’s there is “cherce,” as Tracy once said of Hepburn
April 10 2013
Apart but not isolated, dignified but not imposing, there's no place in Lansing like the old Michigan School for the Blind campus
April 10 2013
"It is hard to be good in spring," read the fluorescent green card tied to a bush in the park. The woman in the gorilla mask and the man with a box on his head moved on. It was 6 p.m., Thursday, and a...
April 3 2013
WASHINGTON — Last Tuesday morning, while the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on California's anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8, a quiet contingent from a South Carolina Baptist church, about...
April 3 2013
Art is supposed to stir deep questions. Here's one that comes to mind the minute you walk into the Neighborhood Empowerment Center in northwest Lansing: "What is this — a gallery or something?"
March 27 2013
Michigan's large-scale factory farms belly up to the federal Farm Bill for tens of millions of dollars in environmental funds better spent on sustainable farming, according to a report issued Wednesday...
March 27 2013
If intergalactic aliens ever demand to hear one of our "musicians" before deciding whether to blow us up, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon could do a lot worse than send Sir James Galway
March 25 2013
Monday, March 25 — If intergalactic aliens ever demand to hear one of our “musicians” before deciding whether to blow us up or not, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon could do a lot worse...