Jan. 3 2013
Scene: the refrigerated dressing room of Kid California, a fighting piece of sushi past his prime. It's after midnight. Kid's trainer, Salm Salmon, is rubbing him down
Jan. 2 2013
The birches are bare and solace is scarce in mid-Michigan, but the Lansing Symphony's first concert of 2013 promises a pore-clearing steam bath of epic proportions
Jan. 2 2013
When 24-year-old Okemos cellist Marta Bagratuni thought about making a debut CD, she dreaded soldiering through a "normal" recital of well-worn classics. Instead, she came up with "Pieces of the World,"...
Dec. 26 2012
It wasn't hard to gather 10 Lansing-area people who died in 2012 into this year-end bouquet. Only three rules were needed
Dec. 19 2012
On a wet Sunday afternoon in mid-December, while kids waited in shopping malls to issue their squeaky capitalist manifestos to Santa Claus, an alternative gift exchange was under way at Michigan State...
Dec. 12 2012
A group of citizens opposed to a proposed consolidation of Cristo Rey Community Center with St. Vincent Catholic Charities is circulating a petition against the merger and pondering further action
Dec. 5 2012
Early last month, a 75-foot-tall, infundibuliform mass appeared in front of Michigan's state Capitol. The alarmed populace was told that it was merely the state's official Christmas tree, an extra large...
Nov. 14 2012
Eustacio Lozano's workload has gotten lighter in the last few years, but he doesn't sound happy about it. "Tacho," the custodian since 1989 at Lansing's Cristo Rey Community Center, at 1717 N. High St.,...
Nov. 14 2012
After two drama-drenched performances in a row, the Lansing Symphony opted to soothe rather than rile at Saturday's MasterWorks concert
Nov. 7 2012
There are pious requiems, stormy requiems, raging requiems, imploring requiems. In the end, they all start to mix in your mind, however magnificent, like sunsets
Nov. 7 2012
A painting class was in full swing at the Michigan State University art building on Sept. 15, 2004, when a white-haired, 71-year-old man poked his head in the doorway
Nov. 7 2012
Profiles on Louise McCagg, Edward & Julie Minskoff and Mark & Nancy Hollis
Nov. 7 2012
When Zaha Hadid came to East Lansing for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum groundbreaking on March 16, 2010, she shared a few of her early enthusiasms
Nov. 7 2012
Like many wealthy captains of finance, Eli Broad (pronounced "Brode") likes to get a contact buzz of creativity from free-spirit artists
Nov. 7 2012
Look closely at the vertical fins on the north wall of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and you'll spot a light fixture with a removable panel. The tiniest departure from perfection, such as an exposed...
Nov. 7 2012
"I want the opening exhibitions to proclaim the mission of the museum loudly," Broad Museum Director Michael Rush said. That's really two proclamations, as Rush sees it. The first is to go global, with...
Nov. 7 2012
Broad ART Museum Director Michael Rush, Performance curator Dan Hirsch, Broad Museum curator Alison Gass and Deputy Director Min Jung Kim
Nov. 7 2012
If you're not sure how to engage with contemporary art at the Broad Museum, find your inner child. An outer one is even better
Nov. 7 2012
Anyone who walks into the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum expecting to see a sterile array of pricey, incomprehensible status objects is in for a surprise
Nov. 7 2012
In July 2007, weary MSU development officer Mark Terman got into the elevator at the Wharton Center after the all-day competition to pick an architect for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. He was collared...