July 11 2012
The movers sifted the traces of hundreds of childhood and adult education classes, recreational and cultural programs, town hall meetings and summer camps. There were ribbons from holiday food baskets,...
July 5 2012
Every morning, Griffith reads her Bible and watches Lynn from her window. "We thought it was a job she had, but we found out it was just something she likes to do. Everybody around here, they know it’s...
June 27 2012
Thursday, the Greater Lansing Business Monthly celebrates its silver anniversary with a party on the riverfront from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Lansing Center with live music, food and boat rides and...
June 20 2012
Staff sergeant, song stylist Light doesn’t always travel at the speed of light, no matter what Einstein said. Follow a shadow at dusk in mid-June
June 20 2012
Klein, a Lansing-based artist and interior designer, needs a laboratory more than she needs a gallery. In her hands, plaster becomes velvet, fiberboard turns into wood and PVC pipes aspire to the glory...
June 13 2012
Detroit’s Capitol Park is a quiet triangle of benches and planters surrounded by grand old buildings that are better described as sky-ticklers than skyscrapers. They shelter, rather than loom, as...
June 13 2012
Despite a flurry of objections from local preservationists, Lansing Community College is sticking to its plans to replace three century-old downtown houses at the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue...
June 13 2012
Mark Ritzenhein and Stephen Wilensky love to recall the afternoon in the early 1990s when they crossed the Yarlung River in a wooden boat, heading into Tibet, listening to the clicking of unsoftened yak...
June 6 2012
"The fact of this building coming down upsets me more than us losing our office," Bonnie Faraone, wife of attorney Michael Faraone, told the group. The Faraones have kept their law office at 617 N. Capitol,...
May 23 2012
The recent life of Old Town’s historic Walker Building has been a lot like the Hulk’s, only in reverse. When it was big and green, nobody noticed it. Now that it’s settled down and dressed...
May 23 2012
Just eight buildings (pictured above) and two districts have been designated as historic by Lansing. The Ottawa-Walnut Historic District consists of two double houses at 320-328 W. Ottawa Street, among...
May 16 2012
“There are some Catholics who won’t come inside because exorcisms were performed in the house,” he said with a grin. Potter House, one of the city’s biggest and most idiosyncratic...
May 16 2012
Big symphonies by titans like Mahler and Sibelius evoke a similar shiver in some listeners, no matter how good the orchestra — or the biscuits — are. To take Lansing’s symphony lovers...
May 9 2012
With any luck, the 2010 Gilmore Young Artist won’t have to pack a stethoscope anytime soon. With his career still in its rosy dawn, Albright has combined dexterity, depth and dramatic insight to...
May 2 2012
While Lindemann has yoked his power as drain commissioner to a passionate crusade for low-impact development and cleaner water, Grebner wants to pull the plug and drain the drama from the office
May 2 2012
“The Great Lakes basin has 20 percent of the available water in the whole world,” Lindemann said. “This is a major responsibility.” He blinked, as if distracted from a telescope...
May 2 2012
Passersby curious enough to look into the crates saw hundreds of bundled black-and-white photographs, all portraits of people who met violent death under repressive Latin American regimes. Within 15 minutes,...
April 25 2012
A double shot of piano concertos featuring piano god Ralph Votapek, the mighty rumble of Shostakovich Tenth Symphony, big choral works from Brahms and Monteverdi, the return of pianist Christopher O’Riley...
April 25 2012
All three drooled at the prospect of lending a hand Oct. 6 to the Shostakovich epic, one of the 20th century’s great musical canvases. “Every time you turn the page, it’s exciting,”...
April 25 2012
By all indicators, from artistic to economic, the symphony has successfully made the transition from classical music’s marble-pedestal past to a new age of accessibility and budget consciousness