April 20 2011
Get too full of yourself on the concert stage and Bugs Bunny will bang the bandshell with a giant hammer until you vibrate, or make you hold a note until your face turns plaid. The Three Stooges will flick...
April 13 2011
Guest soloists at symphony concerts often yawn through the same bromides: “I’m really looking forward to playing Nabob’s Ninth Nurdle I’ve played it since I was a zygote.”
April 13 2011
Who doesn’t like to eat frosting? If you haven’t savored the layer cake of jazz events stacked up by Michigan State University’s world-class jazz studies department throughout the year,...
April 6 2011
At 8 a.m. on a recent Saturday, a tall man in an orange vest walked in front of the new headquarters of the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America, picking up bits of trash
April 6 2011
There’s a ton of sculpture coming to downtown Lansing literally but nowhere to put it
March 31 2011
State of the art equipment, hidden smokestacks and a stunning stylized-flame design made the Ottawa Power Station the city’s most cherished landmark. Slowly, it sank under the silt of time, neglect...
March 30 2011
In early autumn of 2006, two anonymous visitors asked for a tour of Lansing’s derelict Ottawa Power Station. It was an unusual request.The city usually had to coax people into venturing inside the...
March 30 2011
The most compelling reason to spend millions of dollars to gut, refit and save the Ottawa Power Station is its unique shell, tapered and colored like a giant flame burning from black at the bottom to red...
March 30 2011
Lorenzo Ghiberti’s 15th-century bronze doors at the Baptistery of Florence have God, Noah, Adam and Eve going for them, but even the fabled “Gates of Paradise” don’t have transom...
March 30 2011
Imagine replacing a dinosaur’s skeleton, working through a small hole in the top of its head, while the dinosaur is still alive.That’s pretty much what steelworkers had to do when they set...
March 30 2011
Enter the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America’s new headquarters in downtown Lansing and you walk into a naked tug of war between a 20th-century power plant and a modern office building
March 30 2011
Tell someone Lansing’s historic Ottawa Power Station is 172.2 feet tall and you might get a “hm.”Take a friend downtown to see the big orange flame jet into the blue or tremble in the...
March 30 2011
Sing a song of hope, love and family. Is it the great American song yet? Try a song of unemployment and foreclosures, union busting and immigrant bashing, alcohol and suicide. Need more? Sing of vigilantes...
March 30 2011
As part of a university-wide 20 percent slash of programs across many departments, the School of Music’s 7-year-old vocal jazz program has been dropped. The program’s founder, MSU vocal jazz...
March 24 2011
For Melissa White, headlining Saturday’s Lansing Symphony concert doesn’t mean hotel food and hangers you can’t pull off the rack. Born and raised in Lansing, the peripatetic violinist...
March 16 2011
But the most attractive part of Absolute Music is the chance to get close and personal with an A-Team of Michigan State University and Lansing Symphony musicians, including pianists Deborah Moriarty and...
March 9 2011
When the 46-voice St. John’s University Men’s Chorus rattles the apses and naves of Lansing’s First Presbyterian Church Saturday, local music lovers will have a chance to witness one...
Feb. 23 2011
Holding hand-made valentines with slogans like “clean energy = true love,” a series of student speakers pushed MSU’s “Be Spartan Green” slogan up against the reality of its...
Feb. 23 2011
Master orchestrator and arranger (and Michigan State University alum) William Brohn has crafted many award-winning sonic canvases, from Broadway’s "Miss Saigon," "Wicked" and "Ragtime" (for which...
Feb. 16 2011
Suddenly, it seemed absurd to do anything normal, but she had to. Her Friday gig at East Lansing’s Wharton Center, and the usual promotional interviews were scheduled before the Grammy dropped