Muffitt in action
May 11 2016
Two monster symphonies, Beethoven’s Ninth and Shostakovich’s Fifth, the world premiere of a new percussion concerto and two nationally acclaimed guest stars highlight the Lansing Symphony’s...
May 11 2016
Last Thursday, Timothy Muffitt settled into a chair at a coffee shop near his home in Haslett. There was a lot to talk about. The night before, he closed out his 10th season as conductor and music director...
May 11 2016
You have to be a badass if Beethoven is your opening act. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, adored for his romantic ballet music, went very big and bad — the good kind of bad — in his most famous...
May 4 2016
Whitmer, former Michigan Senate minority leader and a rising star in the state’s Democratic Party, is used to perpetual speculation about her political future. Her application for interim prosecutor...
April 27 2016
“I’m going to go with ‘no’ on that one,” he said. “Flatout ‘no.’” Cocky is not the word for Hsu, 18-year-old guest piano soloist in Wednesday’s...
April 20 2016
The long-awaited opening day of Whole Foods in Meridian Township last week was big entertainment and serious business. Some sharp repartee at the cheese counter summed it up
April 20 2016
The elevator pitch: At the height of the Reagan era, a huge, wood-paneled Aspen lodge with five fireplaces and a stonegrotto indoor pool is dumped onto an ordinary Midwestern ranch house by an Air Force...
April 13 2016
The last time Louis Hayes did an extended gig in Lansing, it was 1953. Hayes was only 15 and President Harry Truman had just unveiled the H-bomb. Coincidence?
April 11 2016
MONDAY, April 11 — Dangling, as opera singers often do, in the chasm between artifice and truth, Adam Diegel hesitated to divulge his age. Adam DiegelDiegel is the star tenor in an unusual roa
April 6 2016
Aging buildings, and their expensive boilers, figure into the plan, which sets aside $18.9 million for general building and energy efficiency improvements. But there is much more to the plan than a laundry...
April 4 2016
MONDAY, April 4 — Reeeeeeerrr, glurp, meow, gling! Timothy Muffitt, Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s conductor and music director, will wrangle some wild hardware at Wednesday night's cartoon kickoff
April 1 2016
FRIDAY, April 1 — Most obituaries for architect Zaha Hadid didn’t even mention MSU’s Broad Art Museum. But it was a big deal in East Lansing
March 30 2016
Musicians have many ways to communicate. Several years ago, after listening to a recorded take, growly singer Tom Waits told pianist Stephen Prutsman there was “too much tonic water” in it....
March 30 2016
Sunday afternoon, I spotted a woman in a blue sweater, standing on the grass on the west edge of Red Cedar Park. The former golf course at the east side of Lansing has become a favorite dog-walking and...
March 28 2016
MONDAY, March 28 — Subtle, vocal, brassy, free — more than 25 flavors of jazz promise a memorable 20th anniversary year for East Lansing’s ever-expanding Summer Solstice Jazz Festival
March 23 2016
Sunday afternoon at MSU’s Fairchild Theatre, a stage full of singers, half of them American and the other half some Chinese, of danced away to the music of Leonard Bernstein, with the skyline of...
March 23 2016
"The water was brown. It tasted gross, it smelled gross, it looked gross," she said. "People were complaining. They went to town hall meetings with these jugs of water and they were arrested. Nobody listened...
March 16 2016
The search committee that recommended Wahler to MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt, who made the final hiring decision, included faculty members, administrators, members of the Broad’s board of directors...
March 9 2016
The concert was a change-up in more ways than one. When traversing big soundscapes by the likes of Brahms or Bruckner, conductor Timothy Muffitt widens the screen to full size and lets the tempi breathe....
March 9 2016
A bill sponsored by Republicans in the Legislature has the state's preservation community on red alert over the fate of Michigan's 78 historic districts, even after changes were introduced at a Feb....