Dec. 8 2010
Imagine a new governor of Michigan appointing an environmentalist as agriculture director — someone with a track record of fighting factory farms and calling for tough measures to reduce fertilizer...
Nov. 3 2010
So now what for Michigan environmental policy? The reactions of environmentalists and conservationists to Rick Snyder’s triumph range from fear and loathing to tentative hope. A few in the conservation...
Sept. 8 2010
From an environmentalist’s point of view, the candidates for governor can’t be much better. The state’s League of Conservation Voters endorsed both Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat...
July 7 2010
The panel consists of three members (two of whom, both physicians, were serving at the time of the report) “exceptionally qualified” to appraise the nation’s cancer program and in this...
June 9 2010
the word, but also forgetting some of the benefits that a tad bit of well-chosen socialism can do for the public interest. In this case, it’s an accountable utility, the Lansing Board of Water and...
April 21 2010
Over the last three decades, green groups have paired with citizens fighting against these proposals in their communities
March 10 2010
Last month’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deadline for state applications for some of the $475 million in new funds targeted at Great Lakes protection brought down a cascade of proposals...

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