Aug. 10 2017
‘The Tropical Pickle’ performs tantalizingly Now showing at the Over the Ledge Theatre Co.’s summer home at the Ledges Playhouse is — drumroll please — Jeff Daniels’...
May 31 2017
She owns the stage. Terry Heck is “Prof ” in John Murrel’s “Taking Shakespeare,” the latest production to hit the stage at Williamston Theatre
April 26 2017
They say it takes a village to raise a child; maybe it takes two directors to tackle such an interesting quasi-musical production
April 19 2017
Maybe a baseball analogy will help us here. It’s hard to imagine hitting a home run when the count is no balls and two strikes, and you’ve already fouled off a few good pitches
April 6 2017
“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” — or maybe not
April 5 2017
You may not want to take a first date to see “1984.” But your soon-to-be voting, nearly 18-year-old son or daughter? No question
Feb. 22 2017
The structure of a stage play, the skeleton, if you will, often informs the audience as to what it is about to see. “Superior Donuts,” now playing at Riverwalk Theatre, has good bones
Feb. 8 2017
The elders among us may remember a closing line from the classic noir TV show, “The Naked City”: “There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” The...
Nov. 16 2016
You may find yourself with shortness of breath — not to mention dry throat, sweaty palms and a rapid heart rate — after experiencing the macabre “Every Breath You Take,” the latest...
Nov. 9 2016
While the U.S. presidential election was (hopefully) decided Tuesday night, the Lansing Community College Theatre Program’s latest production, “Serious Money,” will keep Lansing audiences...
Oct. 26 2016
British farce, I have been told, is an acquired taste. But in the hands of a not ready-for-prime-time cast at Riverwalk Theatre, “Are You Being Served?” is a three day-old leftover from a...
Oct. 19 2016
Last week, actors, musicians and directors gathered in a brilliantly lit, mirrored-wall rehearsal studio in the basement of the MSU Auditorium, hashing out a complicated collaboration — well, a...
Oct. 13 2016
In Carey Crim’s “Mornings After Grace,” a world premiere production from Purple Rose Theater Co., the playwright builds a story around two scenarios increasingly familiar to the baby...
Sept. 28 2016
What is it that God does to keep the world in order? That question — and others like it — are at the core of “The Amazing Jesus,” Ixion Theatre’s season opener
Aug. 17 2016
When the phone call came last Sunday, left for us to discover on our phone answering machine, it was from the Baghdad International Airport. His voice, deeper now, with a chuckle announcing he was on his...
July 21 2016
THURSDAY, July 21 — Originally staged on Broadway in 1939, Paul Osborn’s “Morning’s at Seven” — now playing at the Purple Rose Theatre Co. — is a bleak seriocomic...
July 13 2016
Stop for just a moment and ask your self this question: What if life were like a Broadway musical? Imagine me singing this second sentence as if it were a song lyric. What would the accompanying score...
June 15 2016
A sell-out crowd packed Owosso’s Lebowski Center Saturday as a 14-person ensemble cast took the stage in the Owosso Community Players’ production of “Calendar Girls.”
June 15 2016
In less capable hands, “The Explorer’s Club,” staged by Over the Ledge Theatre Co., could easily be a disaster. Thanks to the deft direction of LeAnn Dethlefsen, this parody of upper-class...
June 8 2016
It was a war against an internal enemy. A mystery at first, then suddenly an epidemic. By the mid-‘90s, hundreds of thousands of Americans had been diag nosed with HIV/AIDS — men, women and...