July 13 2016
Stop for just a moment and ask your self this question: What if life were like a Broadway musical? Imagine me singing this second sentence as if it were a song lyric. What would the accompanying score...
June 15 2016
A sell-out crowd packed Owosso’s Lebowski Center Saturday as a 14-person ensemble cast took the stage in the Owosso Community Players’ production of “Calendar Girls.”
June 15 2016
In less capable hands, “The Explorer’s Club,” staged by Over the Ledge Theatre Co., could easily be a disaster. Thanks to the deft direction of LeAnn Dethlefsen, this parody of upper-class...
June 8 2016
It was a war against an internal enemy. A mystery at first, then suddenly an epidemic. By the mid-‘90s, hundreds of thousands of Americans had been diag nosed with HIV/AIDS — men, women and...
May 25 2016
“Secrets,” this year’s installment of Ixion Theater’s annual bouquet of locallywritten one-act plays, had an off-stage prelude. The group Review requested submissions from local...
May 18 2016
Ho-hum. Another bleak black box stage. Mismatched chairs, some desks that look like they were borrowed from the MSU Surplus Store, a framed knock-off “Mona Lisa” looking down benignly —...
April 28 2016
The world premiere offers a rich original story that educates and entertains. The story has more twists than an Ozark Mountains highway. Whew
April 6 2016
Frederick Knott’s “Wait Until Dark” begins with two apparent burglars flash lighting their way through a dark Greenwich Village basement apartment. For Riverwalk Theatre’s production...
Feb. 24 2016
The chilly winds of March arrived early this year, and I fought them as I scurried across the street into MSU’s Auditorium building Friday night. I scooted through a labyrinth of unmarked tunnels,...
Feb. 17 2016
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 17 — Imagine a jigsaw puzzle set in front of you, but all the pieces are upside down. You turn them over one piece at a time, slowly figuring out what the complete picture is.That’
Feb. 17 2016
Some say love is lovelier the second time around. But does a theatrical production of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” still sizzle as hot the second time around?
Feb. 2 2016
Ba da bing, ba da boom! Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” first seen on Broadway in 1965, comes to Michigan — with vintage New York attitudes and accents to match — courtesy...
Jan. 27 2016
Yes, MSU Department of Theatre’s latest production, Terrance McNally’s “And Away We Go,” is one of those cornucopia collage plays — a mélange, a mixture of bits and...
Jan. 20 2016
“The Boys Next Door,” presented by the Owosso Community Players, is not about boys. Rather, it is a heart-wrenching tale about four grown men, intellectually and emotionally disabled, residing...
Jan. 13 2016
With an unstable Middle East, North Korea’s alleged H- bomb testing and the unpredictable President Putin in charge over in Russia, it’s a perfect moment for Riverwalk Theatre Co. to resurrect...
Dec. 8 2015
TUESDAY, Dec. 8 — The MSU Department of Theatre’s “The December Project” is certainly not the usual holiday schmaltz associated with end-of-the-year theater. Created by Kellyn Uhl,...
Nov. 18 2015
MSU Department of Theatre’s latest production, Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman’s “Stage Door,” features what is probably the most elaborate and expansive set design ever put...
Nov. 11 2015
Aye! Begorra! In Lansing Community College’s latest theater production, faculty member Andy Callis deftly directs a talented team of artisans and actors them through a rousing resurrection of the...
Oct. 7 2015
Imagine taking a script, tearing it into tiny pieces, gathering up all the best pieces and then staging that as a version of the script
Sept. 23 2015
“Glengarry Glen Rose,” David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1984 stage play, presented by Ixion Theatre on the brand-new Robin Theatre stage, is a painfully intimate look at the deep...