Nov. 8 2016
UPDATE: The Gillespie Group has informed us via email that all items have been sold or given away. There will be no sale Wednesday or Thursday
Nov. 8 2016
Good day. Be sure to get to the polling station today to cast your vote. If you're unsure of your polling location, you can look it up here.To get in the political spirit, check out last week's edit
Nov. 7 2016
Good day on this sunny Monday.The East Lansing Film Festival is underway this week. Read about the festival — and check out some film reviews – in City Pulse's write-up here.For more local...
Nov. 5 2016
Good day on this warm and sunny weekend.Whether you’re a serious vinyl collector or just looking for some new wax to throw on your turntable, Saturday’s Lansing Record and CD Show has plenty...
Nov. 4 2016
FRIDAY, Nov. 4 — While U.S. citizens go to the polls next week to decide the next president, Soldan's Pet Supplies is running an election to settle an age-old debate: cats or dogs? The pet sto
Nov. 4 2016
Good day on this sunny Friday.It's back to home base for Arts Night Out this month as the traveling monthly art event returns to Old Town Friday. Local artists and performers once again turn local bu
Nov. 3 2016
THURSDAY, Nov. 3 — Earlier this week, Delhi Township unveiled a new piece of public art, “Happy in Holt,” created by artist Matthew Lincoln. The sculpture sits in front of the Delhi Township...
Nov. 3 2016
Good day on this mold November Thursday.It’s probably too early to say we’re in the holiday shopping season — nevermind the Christmas displays that popped up in some stores before Halloween...
Nov. 2 2016
Good day on this partly-cloudy Wednesday.Lansing-based hip-hop artist James Gardin is trying to fill a void in Lansing. And it’s not the first time he’s taken a stab at it. In 2008, Gardin...
Nov. 1 2016
Hello and happy National Bison Day.Having trouble letting go of Halloween? Never fear — the holiday lives on for one more night thanks to the Scratch Pilots. The DJ group's weekly Turntable Tuesday
Oct. 31 2016
Good day and happy Halloween.On such a spooky day, you may want to light up the day with a good deed, if you aren't out trick or treating. The Leslie branch of the Capital Area District Library hosts
Oct. 29 2016
Good day and happy Halloween weekend.This weekend, Lansing welcomes some young guests from the west side of the state — and one guest from across the Atlantic. Members of the Grand Rapids Choir of...
Oct. 27 2016
THURSDAY, Oct. 27 — Downtown Lansing Inc. announced this week that country duo Smithfield will headline this year’s Silver Bells in the City. The 32nd annual holiday festival returns to downtown...
Oct. 27 2016
Good day and happy World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.As Halloween creeps closer and closer, Halloween events seem to be everywhere. Here are three spooky activities you can check out today.Thursday
Oct. 26 2016
Good day on this potentially rainy Wednesday.Lansing had its own Babe Ruth, but instead of a baseball player, ours was a pilot. Read about Marion "Babe" Weyant Ruth and a new book about her in this
Oct. 25 2016
Good day on this cloudy Tuesday.Jazz Tuesdays, a weekly music series at Moriarty's Pub in Lansing, continues tonight. Michigan jazz musician Jeff Kressler, current keyboard jazz i
Oct. 24 2016
Good day and happy United Nations day.You don’t need to head out of town for cider and hay rides this week, because the City of Lansing brings some fall fun downtown Monday for Trick or Treat on...
Oct. 22 2016
Good day and happy weekend.The East Lansing Public Library, following some extended closures due to its recent year-long renovation, is back and better than ever. Now that renovations are complete, th
Oct. 21 2016
Good day on this partly-cloudy, chilly Friday.Native Michiganders Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys return to their home turf today with a show with the Ten Pound Fiddle. Read more about the Americana/fo

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