Sept. 2 2015
Despite rainy weather, hundreds of members of the LGBT community and their friends and family gathered at the Capitol on Saturday for the annual Michigan Pride rally. Afterward, some stayed around for...
Aug. 26 2015
Friends Supporters of full civil rights and equality for the community. Frenemies Frenemies talk the talk but the walk is wobbly at best. Enemies Enemies are people and institutions...
Aug. 19 2015
The last man on earth (with a flip phone) By Ty Forquer Smartphones are everywhere. From children barely old enough to eat solid food to elderly folks too old to eat solid food, it seems like...
Aug. 5 2015
With one of the world’s top guitarists in two wildly different gigs, the Midwest’s hottest B-3 organ burner, big bands, singers and a slew of styles from straight ahead to Latin to electronica,...
July 29 2015
At-large Which City Council hopeful won´t make the first cut? One of the five at-large Lansing City Council candidates will be knocked out by the Primary Election vote, putting the political...
July 9 2015
Restaurants are ranked in order, based on votes from our 2015 Top of the Town contest
July 1 2015
The votes have been tabulated, and City Pulse has announced its 2014-15 Pulsar Award nominees. This year’s installment of the awards, created to recognize the best in local theater, will be handed...
June 26 2015
FRIDAY, JUNE 26 — In conjunction with National HIV Testing Day, the Ingham County Health Department is hosting a community testing event today, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the health department building...
June 17 2015
Brewpub, brewery, craft beer, microbrew — we hear these terms bandied about in conversations about Michigan’s beer scene, but what do they mean? The answer, it seems, depends on who you ask....
June 17 2015
From the ubiquitous Oberon to the smirk-inducing Dirty Bastard and Big Red Coq, Michigan beers are making a name for themselves across the nation. While most beer drinkers know the flagship beers of Michigan...
June 17 2015
A select guide to notable Michigan breweries and brewpubs
June 11 2015
Winners of the City Pulse/WLNS Top of the Town contest will be feted at the Grand American Fish Rodeo on Friday at Riverfront Park
June 10 2015
2015 Farmers Market Summer Guide Market Selection Key: (P) Produce, (O) Organic, (D) Dairy, (M) Meat, (FH) Fish, (PF) Prepared Food, (C) Crafts, (DG) Dry Goods, (BG) Baked Goods, (IG)...
June 10 2015
Each summer brings changes to the local farmers markets. New vendors arrive, older vendors retire, some vendors seek greener pastures — metaphorically speaking — at different markets. In addition...
May 27 2015
When the musical is named “Kinky Boots,” one shouldn’t be surprised when it kicks off with a tribute to footwear. After the opening “Price & Son Theme,” the full ensemble...
May 21 2015
HANGOUTS Church 1. Riverview Church 2. Trinity Church (Jolly/Dunkel) 3. St. Gerard Catholic Church Coffee Shop 1. Strange Matter Coffee Co. 2. Starbucks 3. Espresso Royale...
May 20 2015
The 2015 Top 3 Winners for Top of the Town
May 20 2015
It's a still night on Michigan Avenue. A crowd gathers in anticipation. They heard this could be the night. Wait a minute — is it? Could it be? Yes! A plume of white smoke emerges from the chimney...
May 20 2015
City Pulse & WLNS will fete the winners of the 2015 Top of the Town contest at a special event. On Friday, June 12, Top of the Town will commandeer the VIP tent at the second annual Grand American Fish...
May 19 2015
It’s a still night on Michigan Avenue. A crowd gathers in anticipation. They heard this could be the night. Wait a minute — is it? Could it be? Yes! A plume of white smoke emerges from the...