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Dec 21. 05:30 pm

3074.34 mi
All ages invited. Kids please bring quiet activities for the first half of class. Bring a mat, large towel, and bottle of water, or rent/buy here.
Dec 21. 09:30 am

3075.06 mi
All skill levels welcome. Lessons, practice, exercise and fun.
Dec 21. 05:45 pm

Dec 21. 12:00 pm

3075.88 mi

TCOA provides tasty, and nutritionally balanced meals. Sharing a meal at the Senior Center is a great way to make friends and also enjoy a hot, healthy meal.

Please remember to call us no later than 3 p.m. one day prior so that we can ensure that we order enough lunches for...

Dec 21. 09:00 am

3074.57 mi
Learn to play an instrument or dust off an old one.
Dec 21. 01:00 pm

3075.88 mi
Weekly activity at Meridian Senior Center.
Dec 24. 11:00 am

3040.95 mi
Beginner to intermediate.
Dec 24. 02:00 pm

3073.72 mi
Learn how to juggle.
Dec 24. 06:00 pm

Dec 25. 01:00 pm

3068.78 mi
Weekly group dedicated to the study of the spiritual psychology.