Stonewall for revolution

Monday, March 20
At 7 p.m.

510 W. Ottawa St.
Lansing Míchigan
(517) 482-0668

Gathering of ideas and discussing the lgbtq community in Lansing.


Stonewall for Revolution — Michigan

  1. Call Meeting to Order 7:05pm

  2. Approval of the Agenda

III. Old Business

A. Breakdown the brainstorm from last week IV. New Business

A. B.

Other groups that work in the Lansing area? What work do they do currently? How can we help/supplement?
What do you want this organization to accomplish?

  1. Organize around local, state, and federal issues affecting the LGBT community (non- discrimination, health care access, hate crimes, etc.)

  2. Work to elect LGBT candidates to office at every level of government. Partner with existing organizations to support candidates, find and endorse candidates for office, and lobby existing government officials for our agenda

  3. Organize around the intersection of our identities to partner with existing organizations to support issues that affect our lives as people, not just LGBT people (immigration, employment, health care more generally, etc.)

4. Other proposals? V. Adjourn

Local Reviews

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