How to Engage Your Audience with Visual Storytelling with Karl Gude

Friday, Sep. 22
From 12:11 to 1:11 p.m.

366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing MI 48823
(517) 353-8700

In the comic strip Dilbert, Dogbert says, "Information is gushing toward your brain like a fire hose aimed at a teacup!" Nowadays, all of us are drowning in a sea of data. This means that there is a lot of competition for eyeballs. People trying to communicate their messages are doing all they can to find fresh, effective ways to engage and inform inundated audiences. Infographics are powerful tools that, through a careful combination of words and images, grab people's attention and make your message stand out. Infographics are uniquely effective at clarifying and summarizing complex information in all industries—from medicine and science to business and technology—and for all audiences—from policy makers to teenagers. Karl Gude is not only an expert at infographics, he's a passionate and fun teacher.
You will learn:
· Why making information visual is better than words alone to get your message across
· Some important steps to consider when planning a visual project
· Types of data that are best visualized
· The Dos and Don'ts of visual storytelling

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