Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Time: 3-5 p.m
Phone: (517) 706-5045
Could you use a little help in becoming a better self-manager? Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) workshops are offered throughout the state to provide the tools needed to become a better self-manager of your health. A free workshop will be held at the Meridian Senior Center, Wednesdays, February 19- March 26, 2014 from 3:00-5:30 pm. The Personal Action Toward Health workshop is evidence-based and led by two trained leaders. Developed at Stanford University, Michigan has adopted the name of PATH for the Chronic Disease Self-Management program. The six-week workshop meets once per week for 2.5 hours at community sites. Topics covered range from better eating habits to tips on communication with your doctor. Each week participants develop an action plan based on what they want to do to improve their health. The following week participants share their successes and barriers in doing their action plan and work on solutions to the barriers. Furthermore, listening to others who are struggling with similar problem helps you realize you are not alone and there are ways to help you feel better. Leaders of the workshop have chronic conditions and can relate to the participants. As a PATH leader who has arthritis and is a cancer survivor, I have experienced many of the same ups and downs participants have. I know how important it is to have little successes in taking control of your life when the chronic condition seems to be in the driver's seat.