Philosophy Town Hall

Date: Sunday, February 23, 2014
Time: 2 p.m.
Phone: (517) 351-2420
Inequality: How Much Is Too Much? Economic inequality is on the rise both in the US and worldwide. Today the three richest individuals on earth own as much as the poorest 40 countries put together. Religious leaders like the new pope urge us to respond to the problem of inequality. But what is inequality, and what exactly is wrong with it? Not all inequality is economic and some inequalities are the result of things we value, including individual talent and initiative. Some inequalities may be both necessary for and the result of freedom and democracy, though inequality can undermine them as well. This philosophy forum will focus on different ways of thinking about inequality and the values and practical questions that arise when we decide that there is too much of it. Two philosophers from MSU, Associate Professor Christian Lotz and Professor Richard Peterson, will briefly introduce some of these issues and host an open discussion of them with the audience.