\"Polygon: The Language of Shapes\"

Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Time: 7 p.m.
Phone: (517) 303-6722
\"Polygon,\" a new musical collaboration by two MSU grad students, composer Philip Rice and musicologist Patrick Bonczyk, will premiere at the Broad Museum on Wednesday, April 23. The work is in conjunction with an exhibit currently at the Broad called \"Postscript\" that explores the artistic possibilities of words and language. \"Polygon\" was inspired by a dream that Bonczyk had last year in which he ate a meal of snails and became ill while watching people sing unintelligible bits of words. He also saw primary shapes and colors hovering above the singers, which he understood to be \"pure\" or \"ideal\" expressions of math and science. This year the dream has become a reality. While no snails will be served at the performance, it will feature guest narration by MSU sculptor Jefferson Kielwagen, notable for his creation of hundreds of ceramic chicken wings. The piece features six MSU music students who will sing and play flute, saxophone, percussion, and keyboard underneath Shinique Smith\'s \"Arcadian Clusters\" dangling from the ceiling. \"Polygon\" explores geometry, physics, religion, and linguistics, calling on texts and techniques from international thinkers%u2014both ancient and modern%u2014including an origami master.