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    Residential Snow Removal 30 years experience. Reasonable. (517) 528-7870. Ask for Dave.

    Plasma Donors Needed Earn CASH TODAY. Talecris Plasma Resources. Call:517-272-9044

    Mike's Lawncare & Snow Removal Fast & Reliable East Lansing-Okemos- Haslett-Williamston 517 719-5379

    SWIFT MOTORS Honest Auto Repair 2347 N. Cedar St., Holt • 517-268-9000 www.swiftmotorslansing.com • NAPA Auto Care Center

    Data Scientist Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America (Lansing, MI) seeks a Data Scientist to provide technical & quantitative analysis for predictive modeling group. Reqs BS + 5 yrs exp. For complete req. & to apply, visit: www.accidentfund.com

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