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    Residential Snow Removal 30 years experience. Reasonable. (517) 528-7870. Ask for Dave.

    City Pulse is seeking an arts and entertainment editor. See journalismjobs.com for more information.

    Now accepting new donors Earn CASH TODAY. Talecris Plasma Resources. Call:517-272-9044

    STUMP GRINDING / REMOVAL (RFP) — 16 year's experience, professional and reliable. Extremely reasonable pricing... WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS! Call Mike at 517-944-0106 or email mike@groundcontrolmi.com

    Lawn Landscaping 4th & Inches Tree removals, mowing, landscaping, snow removal. Leaf cleanups. Affordable rates. 517-272-9044

    Mike's Lawncare and Snow Removal Fast & reliable. East Lansing-Okemos-Haslett-Williamston 517-719-5379

    Michigan Avenue Rental Michigan and Regent. CLASSIC building, completely RENOVATED! Beauty of the OLD combined with luxury of the NEW. Only 5 units available, starting from $400! Come and see for yourself! For more information please call Shahnaz at 720-227-4037. Thank you

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