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    Residential Snow Removal 30 years experience. Reasonable. (517) 528-7870. Ask for Dave.

    City Pulse is seeking an arts and entertainment editor. See journalismjobs.com for more information.

    Now accepting new donors Earn CASH TODAY. Talecris Plasma Resources. Call:517-272-9044

    CCF Delivery Driver (Okemos) Cherry Capital Foods needs a FULLTIME Truck Drivers for local food pick-up and delivery OUT OF ITS LANSING (Okemos) HUB LOCATION. This is a FT position. CDL required, however this is NOT an over-the-road position. You will NOT be driving any overnighters. You will be doing a minimal amount of warehouse and merchandising work as well. Ability to lift up to 75# repeatedly and climb in and out of a truck. On board with our mission (www.cherrycapitalfoods.com) a must. Good computer and customer service skills a must. Food-related history a plus. Starting pay is $13 per hour, plus benefits. Submit a cover letter, resume with three references and emails to jeff@cherrycapitalfoods.com.

    Mike's Lawncare & Snow Removal Fast & Reliable East Lansing-Okemos- Haslett-Williamston 517 719-5379

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