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    Residential Snow Removal 30 years experience. Reasonable. (517) 528-7870. Ask for Dave.

    City Pulse is seeking candidates to joinits sales team. Full time and part time positions available. Sales experience required, preferably in advertising/marketing. Opportunity to grow. EEO. Submit resume to denis@lansingcitypulse.com.

    Now accepting new donors Earn CASH TODAY. Talecris Plasma Resources. Call:517-272-9044

    STUMP GRINDING / REMOVAL (RFP) Lansing Manor Apartments, Lansing, MI MSHDA Project 16 year's experience, professional and reliable. Extremely reasonable pricing... WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS! Call Mike at 517-944-0106 or email mike@groundcontrolmi.com

    Buying a home? Need a home inspection? Call Capital Area Home Inspections, LLC inspections starting at $200 (517) 348-9312 www.cahillc.com

    MI Democrats — angry yet? Fight back against Republican Gov. Snyder's war on children (K-12 $1 Billion funding cuts), $1.4 Billion tax increases on familes and seniors. VOTE Mark Schauer (D) for Governor to restore K-12 funding and repeal Snyder Retiree Pension Tax. Vote Tuesday, November 4.

    MI Right wing conservatives WRONG on our auto jobs. They stand with billionaire backer Koch Brothers & dark money ads who opposed auto rescue. Auto rescue saved millions of jobs and families! Vote Democrat November 4.

    Every Mi Democrat must VOTE Tuesday, November 4 to save S.S./Medicare & Protect the MIddle Class. Protect the the Great Lakes!

    MI Supreme Court: VOTE Bernstein/Murphy/Thomas.

    Protect Wolves! VOTE NO on Proposals 1 & 2 November 4.

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