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    Lawn Mowing Service 30 years experience. Reasonable. (517) 528-7870. Ask for Dave.

    Earn Money While Saving Lives! Talecris Plasma Resources (517)272-9044 (517)272-9044

    Advertising Sales Representative City Pulse is looking for energetic and experienced sales reps. Full or part time, excellent compensation plan and friendly work environment. EOE. Please send resume to suzi@lansingcitypulse.com. No phone calls please.

    Pooper Scooper Services By Call of Doody, LLC K-9 Waste Management Service Rates as low as $10.50 per week Request Service Online at www.k9doody.com Or Call 517-481-3661

    TRASH REMOVAL Business & Commercial Buildings Brush removal, mowing, yard clean-up, garage & house clean-outs. Call Jay 517-980-0468

    LAWN MOWING Since 1986. Vacation mowing, 1 time, yearly. You are #1 to us. R. Knott Lawn & Landscape 993-2052 or 694-7502

    Earn Money While Saving Lives! Talecris Plasma Resources (517)272-9044

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