Eyesore of the week

By Nathan Harris

300 W. North St., Lansing

Eyesore of the week

Address: 300 W. North St., Lansing
Owner: Ingham County Land Bank
Taxpayer: Ingham County Land Bank
Assessed Value: $0
Owner Says: It’s coming down soon

This prize of a building, which used to be the Action Auto gas station, faces south down Grand River Avenue and has a great view of the Capitol — too bad the Capitol has to look back at it.

But we wouldn’t know what this building once was (unless, of course, you look through city records) because the sign above the door has been taken down … or torn off. The naked fluorescent tubes that used to light it are all that’s left. The paint is mostly chipped away and the vinyl siding has been completely torn from one side, showing the bright yellow Styrofoam insulation underneath it. The building’s red shingles are starting to come loose and large boards have been put where the bay doors once were.

The good news is that the property is owned by the Ingham County Land Bank and is on its way to being redeveloped.

The contamination of the former gas station requires a clean up by the state Department of Environmental Quality, Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing (and chairman of the Land Bank) said. Then, he said, the building will be torn down, maybe within the first quarter of 2009. Once clean up is done, both structures can be demolished and the corner will be available for development.

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