An Inauguration Day miracle?

By City Pulse Staff

Happy Inauguration Day!

This morning, City Pulse employees were greeted with this strange phenomenon: A poster of last week’s issue we had up in our front window, which featured a painting of Barack Obama by Eric Weston, somehow imprinted itself on the glass.


It’s faint, but it was enough of an imprint to cause a shadow of Obama’s face to be cast upon a metal shelf near our front window, which is what you’re seeing in the photo there.

According to a quick poll of City Pulse staffers, we can’t remember any of our other posters doing as such. (Every week we put up a poster of the week’s issue in the front window — you may have noticed driving by our office at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Clemens Street.)

It’s no face-of-Jesus-in-a-puddle, but we think it’s pretty miraculous.