Eyesore of the week

By Karen Cassidy

Building: 1619 Bailey St.,
Lansing Owner: Peter and Joyce Mireles
Taxpayer: Peter and Joyce Mireles
Assessed: $17,800
Owner: Unavailable for comment

The houses on the 1500 to 1600 block of Bailey Street have had better days. There’s a lot of litter strewn across yards, and bright blue tarps or clear plastic cover a lot of windows in an apparent attempt to keep out the winter cold. But among the dirt and debris, 1619 Bailey St. stands out as the worst on the block.

Four small American flags wave proudly in the cold winter breeze, despite being sun faded and torn. Two flags decorate a wreath that hangs from the front door of the house and two more flags are secured to a flagpole on the front corner of the property. The yard is full of junk, and large decorative rocks — now painted with bright yellow obscenities — dot the edges of the lawn, adding some color to the drab area. There are a couple of newspapers bundled in bright orange plastic bags and a large white seahorse resting against a tree near the house.

The house itself consists of a boarded-up front door and one window, although there are windows on the side of the house that have yet to be covered. The wooden stairs leading to the front door have faded to a dirty grey and look brittle, ready to snap against a person’s weight.

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